NZXT for starters, is a brand that much focuses on PC based products and accessories, and we are talking about things from casings to headphones, even from couple of years back, they even have motherboards for the consumer market that is pretty much integrated with their apps and ecosystem, with the ever famous NZXT CAM monitoring software that is no stranger even to the enthusiast segment.

Today we will quickly look at NZXT RELAY & SWITCHMIX, a headphone and a integrated audio stand and to see what it offers even to the non NZXT users alike.

The NZXT RELAY Headphone

I will start with the headphone, the NZXT RELAY is a take on introducing the premium headset segment without paying too much for it, yet still hosts outstanding features that one could be able to enjoy all of it.

Design wise, the adjustable frame is made of plastic covered with good cushion that fits over your head and ears pretty comfortably. The leatherette dont feel that hot even if being wear over one hour which is crucial for those who wear headphones long hours listening to music or play a few games with it. Weighted at around 260 grams only, it does not felt too bulky, yet one can still move comfortably when wearing it, and speaking of which, the foams covering the ears works well when it comes to sound isolation which you dont hear much any noises beyond the speakers.

Part of that the microphone works well and records good voice and vocal communications whenever you are gaming on it, or just a simple video call. The pair of Neodymium 40mm drivers in the RELAY gives a very good mid range as well as bass that is satisfying enough for me at least, and also you can customise your equaliser settings and presets via NZXT CAM software for Windows. 7.1 surround sound is delivered digitally and of course, a USB A to 3.5mm jack is also provided giving users the option to use either one, but I recommended it is best to use with the USB A jack as NZXT CAM will have more control over it and besides that, the RELAY is HiRES certified, along with DTS Headphone:X tuning for more immersive audio experience. During the course of our overall testing, there is close to no delays when listening or even gaming with it.


The NZXT SWITCHMIX is an optional companion for the RELAY where essentially, the SWITCHMIX is actually an all in one audio stand for your headphone and provides instant switching between plugged in audio devices, such as your headphone and speakers, technically speaking, it is a mixer station for your audio needs. The SWITCHMIX is weighted around 693grams from stand to base of the mixer, making it sturdy and stable on any flat table surface you place on.

How the SWITCHMIX works is with one USB connection over to your PC or Laptop, and of course with NZXT CAM installed, that is the only one control you ever need to configure and tune the mixer. With that said the SWITCHMIX has a built in High Resolution Audio DAC which can deliver 24-bit / 96 kHz audio. DTS 7.1 Surround Sound is also there as long you have a compatible headphone or speakers to pair with. The automated process happens when you lift off your headphone from the stand and the mixer will automatically switch the audio over to the headphone, because the plate that holds the headphone is a button that dynamically detects when you lift of the headphones and quickly switches over. For additional control there is also a knob that allows you to control the volume and a slider that controls the microphone audio delivery.

Experience & Verdict


I will write this out as a combine of both product experience, honestly speaking, setting up is dead simple because with the SWITCHMIX all you need is a single cable connection to your PC or Laptop, while the RELAY can be connected to the SWITCHMIX since this is designed to work together. Next is installing NZXT CAM and the rest is just tuning your own EQ, presets, and that’s pretty much about it, which NZXT nailed it and even better if you have the RELAY Speakers, which makes it a perfect trio for all your audio needs, be it gaming, listening to music or just a drama streaming or two. Pricing is not too expensive if all you wanted is something that is convenient, yet still an ecosystem that delivers a good audio experience for all intended purposes.

Pricing & Information

The NZXT RELAY is now selling at RM469 while the NZXT SWITCHMIX is selling at RM565. It is now available nationwide and you can refer to all Suncycle Dealer listings HERE

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