Our Team

1side0.net has a very small team of part timers/freelancers, and we operate remotely, closely to make every tech, lifestyle, reviews possible.

Lead Editor/Owner

Aaron Lim – A former Senior Technical Product Marketing from a Taiwanese Tech Brand that got retrenched in the early 2020. Armed with knowledge in Marketing, PC build, VR Deployment, Technical Writeups, Training, 1side0 was formed to operate as a tech website with passion delivering latest tech news and reviews to everyone. During free time, he will experiment with new tech, retro tech, VR and more just to keep things going.


Jordan Kian – Majoring in accounting and aspire to be a forensic accounting, and loves dancing. Nothing beats some good ol’ groove and beats after a long tiring day. With that being said someone who’s equipped with both analytical and creative mind, dissecting things into smaller details and piecing them back into coherent info is what he does

Jason – An Undergrad IT University student that occasionally supports on reviews during his free time.


Edward Chang – Joined in 1side0 as one of our freelance videographer and editor. Full of knowledge related to local logistics industry, Edward found his passion is video, photography and editing which he contributes to our website, social media and YouTube channel.

Web Backend – Side Solutions

TC HO – One of our member from Side Solutions joined as our part time web support over our webpage, he has a vast knowledge of CSS, Java/Javascript, Domain Setup, WordPress, SharePoint, etc. He is currently working in the same field within the IT Industry elsewhere but still provides support and deployment for 1side0.net

Community Team – Moderator

Alex Tan – Our Cross partner team member when it comes to social media monitoring for all 1side0 portals and passionate in Gaming, and Tech related stuff.

Our Cross Content Collaborator

vistech.media – Media focused on gaming, IT related content and delivering news, reviews in both English and Chinese, including video, text and narration