With the official launch of its first model, the smart #1, only a few months away, smart Malaysia has heightened the EV market’s excitement by releasing the first version of its Hello smart App, an innovative application that enhances the digital personalization of the smart Premium customer Experience. The app demonstrates the company’s dedication to empowering smart #1 consumers by effortlessly integrating technology into their everyday routines, increasing convenience, and upgrading their entire ownership adventure.

Providing a Comprehensive and Seamless Digital Experience

The Hello smart App is a new digital platform that aims to simplify and enhance the EV experience for Malaysians. The app has a user-friendly four-tab layout, each of which provides access to a variety of features.

Discover tab offers news, events, community content, e-brochures, and notifications. The Vehicle tab allows users to personalize their vehicles, estimate monthly payments, apply for loans, book services, and access real-time vehicle information, including battery status, charging status, driving range, and location. Users can also remotely control the air conditioner, door, windows, and schedule charging.

The e-Mall tab is a virtual store for official smart merchandise and accessories. Users can earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for rewards. The Profile tab provides a summary of all smart App functions and personalization options.

Hello smart App has the potential to revolutionize the EV landscape in Malaysia by making it easier for people to learn about EVs, compare models, apply for financing, manage charging, schedule maintenance, access roadside assistance, and connect with other EV owners.

“In our quest for a user-friendly digital journey, smart Malaysia is committed to boosting the connection between smart vehicle owners and their cars. We are thrilled to introduce the Hello smart App, which takes integration to the next level, keeping users in the loop and connected. We believe this app will deepen our owners’ affection for the brand, offering an innovative and all-encompassing experience.” said Zhang Qiang, CEO of smart Malaysia.

First-in-Malaysia features include an integrated charging map.

Following comprehensive research into how customers combine vehicle usage with their digital lives, the Hello smart App brings four new in-app capabilities to the Malaysian EV market. These include the live Charging Map & Navigation System, Vehicle Booking & Financing Loan Application, One-Stop Service Home Charging Solution, and Community Engagement, which provide a smooth ownership experience as well as the ability to participate with the smart community.

The live Charging Map is a very noteworthy feature. While the number of EV owners continues to grow tremendously, range anxiety remains a major problem. Recognizing the importance of addressing this issue, clever Malaysia partnered with EV charging ecosystem partners to create the first app by an automotive manufacturer to give a full EV charging map. The Hello smart app provides real-time charging station information, including availability status, with 70% of public charging points now incorporated. This removes the need for several apps and allows owners to find available charging points, start charging, and make payments.

Another novel feature is the option to apply for loans straight from the app. By streamlining processes and removing manual procedures, this service raises the bar for ease, making EV ownership more accessible and hassle-free.
The One-Stop Service Home Charging Solution feature, which streamlines the purchase, installation, and appointment scheduling for smartCharge Home Chargers, ensures a hassle-free and time-saving solution.
Finally, the app offers a community area where users can interact with other smart enthusiasts, share experiences, and trade ideas. Fans will earn loyalty points when they refer friends to buy a smart car, and they may use these points to buy official products, accessories, and charging solutions from the e-Mall.

The first version of the Hello smart App already offers a number of capabilities, and clever Malaysia pledges to add many more functions and features in the near future. The initial upgrade, which would improve use and convenience, is set to be released in Q4 of 2023.

Discover the Hello smart App today and revolutionize the way you drive. Stay in tune with your car’s needs, indulge in a seamless digital journey, and embrace the future of smart driving. The Hello smart App is now available for download on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

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