The new OnePlus 11 Prototype phone at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 redefines industry standards with new active cooling technology – Active CryoFlux fits in a creative design. The event also features the newly revealed OnePlus 11 5G, which displays the newest co-development technology with Qualcomm and Perfect World Games, as well as in-built AR and ray tracing capability.

“Ten years ago, we entered the industry to create products that we ourselves actually wanted to use. Along the way, we grew together with our community and fans—striving to do better each day and aspiring to push the boundaries for each product. The overwhelmingly positive response from users is reflected in our 173% increment in sales volume of OnePlus 11 5G, and a testament that we have been on the right path for excellence in creating fast and smooth experience possible,” said Kinder Liu, President and COO of OnePlus. “That’s driven us to innovate on high performance and also continue to work with industry-leading partners to bring the technology to life.” “With our recently announced ‘1+4+X’ product strategy, we aim to expand the OnePlus ecosystem and enhance integration between devices and beyond with our portfolio of supporting products, including TVs, audio, wearables, and the newly launched tablet, and the vast array of products which can connect to OnePlus ecosystem to build a superior digital life

Disrupting the future with innovative technology – Active Cryoflux on the OnePlus 11 Concept

The OnePlus 11 Concept phone’s primary feature is Active Cryoflux—a game-changer in cooling technology that can lower temperature by up to 2.1°C while increasing frame rate by 3-4 fps during gaming. The Active CryoFlux can also reduce charging temperature by 1.6°C, saving between 30s and 45s in charging time.

OnePlus was determined to stretch the envelope, so it miniaturised the industry-grade cooling capacity of gaming PCs into a smartphone. The cutting-edge Active CryoFlux works with industrial-grade ceramic piezoelectric micropumps in the centre, which are linked to pipes sandwiched between an upper and lower diaphragm. The micropump occupies less than 0.2 cm2, allowing fluids to move around the pipes without substantially increasing the weight and diameter of the phone.

The OnePlus 11 Concept is intended to showcase the visual potential of Active CryoFlux. The device’s glass unibody conjures a futuristic aesthetic, with a profoundly curved bezel and a side pull-up height of 5.04mm. A transparent back cover provides an enthralling view of the micro liquid moving through the pipelines, and the case is finished with a magnetron-sputtering coating in which metal and alloy are deposited in minuscule quantities onto the case using an electric field.

The camera lens has the same design. The camera’s halo of icy-cold Active CryoFlux liquid is encircled by Guilloché etching, a highly exact decorative method that engraves an elaborate design. This method is used in the creation of several high-end watches. In yet another industry first, OnePlus takes influence from traditional watch craftsmanship, infusing a sense of fashion and creative flair with the latest technological developments.

Ray tracking technology and the Snapdragon SpaceTM XR Platform improve the multimedia experience on the OnePlus 11 5G.

The OnePlus 11 5G is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform and includes hardware-accelerated ray tracing to mimic real-time illumination effects. Cooperating with Perfect World Games to demonstrate Tower of Fantasy gameplay on the OnePlus 11 5G to assist the audience experience in-game ray tracing technology.

The OnePlus 11 5G is the first Snapdragon Spaces-ready phone, and it serves as an entry point for the Snapdragon Spaces XR developer programme, allowing developers to bring their ideas to life and explore the full potential of cutting-edge head-worn AR, and unlocking experience for users for live concerts, films, and other exclusive events, and boosts augmented reality gaming performance as a remote controller when paired with the Snapdragon XR2 AR Wireless Smart View.

A new sensory experience with the OnePlus’ Ecosystem at MWC 2023

OnePlus 11 5G – driven by the latest Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform with up to 16GB LPDDR5X RAM and 256GB ROM with UFS 4.0, ensuring optimum strength with excellent economy. RAM-Vita is included with the OnePlus 11 5G to improve speed even further. The OnePlus 11 5G supports the 100W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition, allowing users to spend less time connected to a charge outlet and more time using the device the way they want. The OnePlus 11 5G comes with a 6.7-inch 2K 120Hz Super Fluid AMOLED Display and LTPO 3.0 battery.

A 50MP IMX890 sensor with optical image stabiliser (OIS) for steady images is at the heart of the camera system. The 115° 48MP ultra-wide camera and the IMX709 32MP portrait lens complement the primary camera. OnePlus and Hasselblad’s partnership continues with the newest OnePlus 11 5G. The OnePlus 11 5G’s new Natural Color Correction with Hasselblad function offers industry-leading colour science. Furthermore, the OnePlus 11 5G now includes a 13-channel multi-spectral sensor for light-color recognition, allowing for a more comprehensive spectral study of light.

Indulge yourself with the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 – OnePlus Buds Pro 2 is a partnership between industry-renowned partners that brings audio quality to new heights with cinema-worthy sound, intuitive features, and a sleek design. The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 established a new industry standard as the first earphones to provide spatial audio stability and interoperability for Android users. OnePlus Buds Pro 2 co-created with Dynaudio allows users to put themselves in studio-recording situations with its MelodyBoost Dual Drivers, taking up high and low tones with its 11mm woofer and 6mm tweeter.

Hands-on with the OnePlus Pad – OnePlus’ first premium tablet has a sleek and functional design that makes use of the company’s self-developed Star Orbit metal craft for optimum comfort and ergonomic design. The onePlus Pad is powered by the Dimensity 9000 processor, the first mobile CPU with a Cortex-X2 core clocked at up to 3.05GHz. To improve speed and multitasking, the OnePlus Pad has up to 12GB RAM that works in tandem with RAM-VITA to keep up to 24 apps running in the background at the same time. With a 9510mAh battery, the OnePlus Pad provides over 12.4 hours of movie viewing and a 1-month backup time.

OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler – Semiconductor-based Thermo Electric Cooler that provides an improved chilling experience. The OnePlus 45W Liquid Cooler, with its novel semiconductor water-cooling design, can lower the temperature of a working device by up to 20°C and can instantly enter safe mode, shutting itself off to prevent harm if necessary.

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