With the upcoming launch of the new VIVO X80 Series, VIVO Malaysia is teaming up with a well-known local director to produce a short film titled ‘Chup! Raya Dulu!’ this Raya. The short film, shot with the new VIVO X80 Pro, depicts the narrative of a wealthy family and their struggle to become a part of the community during the Raya celebration.

Ghaz Abu Bakar, a local director who has produced a number of Malay films, television dramas, and videos, directed the short film ‘Chup! Raya Dulu!’ Some of his film titles include ‘Polis Evo,’ which broke the Malaysia Box Office Record with RM17.8 million and became the country’s highest-grossing Malaysian film in 2014.

The short film is also accompanied by a theme song – Takbir Lebaran, performed by the famed Malaysian singer celebrity, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza.

Additionally, the new and self-developed VIVO V1+ imaging chip will make its debut in the next VIVO X80 series, where it is expected to improve the device’s display and imaging capabilities.

If you are interested in watching this interesting short film and knowing the first-hand update on the VIVO X80 series, you may visit VIVO Malaysia’s official Facebook page.

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