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As we all may know, Xiaomi has been enjoying all the success and innovation in the Smartphone category, but Xiaomi does comes out with a whole stuff of Smart, cloud electronics from the living room to kitchens as well. But our focus over here is about health, which is the Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4, Xiaomi’s fourth generation of Purifier lineups for this year, which is on the market worldwide not too long ago, and today we will look at this Purifier and it’s features.


The Xiaomi Purifier 4 design is based on a modern type purifiers that we seen on the market today, in white color, which is just nice on any office and living rooms. Starting from the bottom it has 4 small feets that supports as a stable base and also acting as an airflow that will suck the air up with its fan located in the top part of the device. This also ensure a 360 degree of surrounding better detection via it’s sensors and filter holes surrounding it, doing the job of analyzing and purifying air around. It has a rounded display which shows a good amount of status and information at a glance with a touch on/off button within the display itself. Over at the top, flipping the rounded cap reveals a pull which can be unlocked with just a Philips screwdriver allowing user to easily clean up the fan inside.


The purifier has several ‘Smart’ features under its sleeves as below

  • Three-in-one filtration and odour elimination system : capable of purifying most particles which includes pet hair, smoke, pollen, dust and cotton fibre, which this means it covers most common smell on most conditions without issues
  • Built in Ionizer : releases negative ions to keep the air fresh with constant monitoring even on standby mode.
  • Particle CADR of up to 400m³/h : In layman terms, this model of purifier should be able to purify a normal size living room, on most apartment size living room and small to medium size offices up to 48 square meters with its all round air intake.
  • One Touch Mode : This default mode offers a quick turn on and the purifier will detect and does its job, without requiring much configurations on Auto mode.
  • Smart Voice control Support : This supports Google Assistant and Alexa as well for basic voice commands on turning on and off the purifier.
  • Smart Control support : The Xiaomi Smart Air purifier uses Mi Home App, which connects the purifier via wifi to control, program, command the purifier, as we all setting up with your Mi account so that you can control remotely, even if you are away from the wifi area, allowing users to control it anywhere, everywhere.

Experience & Setup

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This could be the most simplest thing to setup ever, all you need to do is unbox it, place it at the corner, connect to the power plug, adjust/install the filter and it is all done. Just turn it on and it is defaulted to Auto mode, within minutes the purifier will do its job of sensing the environment, air conditions and purifying the air, eliminating smells and particles. The next thing is setting up Mi Home App which you can get it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After the app installation, all you need to do is log in to your Mi Account, add the purifier as a device in the app, and you can start seeing the purifier status remotely, turn on/off, scheduling and monitoring all in a single app. Additionally if you have any other Xiaomi smart devices such as IP camera, it will be detected together as well, which is a huge selling point especially if you are relying on most Xiaomi IOT products. For a simple test, I setup an automation, all I did was exhale my electronic vape near to the purifier and it detects immediately, it took about 45 seconds to purify the surrounding based on the status from the LED Screen and also I set it to turn off after 30minutes and turn on if the surrounding air is unhealthy, and it works very very well. If you are worry about kids interfering with the purifier unattended, you can turn on child lock which this prevents accidental turn on and off from the purifier unit itself. Lastly, you can also monitor the remaining life of the filter from the app, to replace it, just pull the back panel without additional tool, and you can replace it fairly easy and simple.

Verdict and Conclusion


The Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 is a great looking purifier, although it does not look sleek or compact, but Xiaomi has it’s reason to build with it’s tall design, which what I can think off is the efficiency of the filters and fan to keep the purifying and ionizing optimal on it’s designated capacity, moreover with it’s Mi Home App features that included whole packs of automation functions and user customized scripts, I find it easy to understand, setup and operate, and when operate, again it can be done all from your phone even if you left your home or office, which I loved the most. The purifier is now selling at the price of RM799 and I find the price is right and affordable for such featured purifier.

For more information on The Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4, Click HERE to find out more

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