Company Promotes Its ‘Life’s Good’ Philosophy and Showcases Latest Innovations to France’s Youth

LG Electronics (LG) recently hosted a ‘Life’s Good’ brand event at Espot Paris, Europe’s largest e-sports stadium, to celebrate Korean gaming and popular culture. The event, themed “Life’s Good, Let’s Play,” was organized in collaboration with the Paris-based Korean Cultural Center and aimed to introduce young Parisians to ‘K-culture’ and LG’s newest lifestyle innovations.

This two-day event highlighted Korea’s rich gaming history, offering insights into its past, present, and future. Attendees participated in various activities, including gaming on LG’s UltraGear™ monitors, receiving coaching from top gamers, and playing traditional Korean games like the Honeycomb Challenge, popularized by the Korean Wave.

The event attracted around two thousand visitors, thanks in part to popular Korean gaming influencers. It began with a conference hosted by Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong, a 2017 League of Legends Worlds champion and content creator, who discussed Korean e-sports. The second day featured a match between former Korean professional gamers and Karmine Corp, a French e-sports team partnered with LG, showcasing their skills on LG UltraGear gaming monitors (model 25GR75), known for their immersive experience and ultra-fast response times.

Visitors also enjoyed photo zones with iconic Korean backdrops like Gwanghwamun and Hanok village streets and sampled Korean street food, capturing the essence of LG’s ‘Life’s Good’ brand.

Before this event, LG participated in ‘Noli: jeux coréens’ (Noli: Game of Korea), an exhibition by the Korean Cultural Center in France from May 24 to October 5. The exhibition, themed ‘Korea, the history of world e-sports leaders,’ showcased the evolution of e-sports in South Korea and featured a video on Gen.G, an e-sports team sponsored by LG.

LG aims to strengthen its presence in Europe’s growing gaming market through ongoing engagement with young customers. According to Future Market Insights, the gaming monitor market in Western Europe is projected to grow at an annual rate of six percent, reaching approximately USD 1.16 billion by 2033.

“This event was a fantastic opportunity to share our passion for K-culture and connect with younger generations, a growing influence in France and across Europe,” said Heaven Lee, executive vice president and Europe Region Representative of LG Electronics. “We will continue to enhance LG’s brand image as part of our long-term strategy for sustainable future growth.”

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