Voices of Galaxy is a series of real stories showcasing Samsung Galaxy users who harness their passion, creativity, and determination, alongside technology, to positively impact their lives, communities, and the world.

French sport climber and Team Samsung Galaxy member Mejdi Schalck began climbing anything he could at the age of five. Unbeknownst to him then, this early passion would lead him to compete in the Olympics.

Initially, Mejdi was inspired by his heroes on social media, aspiring to compete alongside them one day. Despite the daunting prospect, he never imposed limits on himself, which propelled him to his current journey towards Paris 2024.

Mejdi soon recognized that climbing mirrors life: there are no ceilings, only endless possibilities. Anyone can reach the summit by embracing the infinite paths available. He also believes in the importance of staying open to learning and sharing with others, including competitors.

Mejdi’s message is clear: always keep an open mind and never set limits for yourself.

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