The HONOR 200 Pro definitely created a buzz even before it was fully on launch or on sales in the market. We also have just done an unboxing which you can view it as below.

With that out of the way, here are the features you should know about the HONOR 200 Pro

Studio Harcourt Portrait Photography

The HONOR 200 Pro is all about taking portraits with Paris Studio Harcourt Portrait Photography. This collaboration combines legendary light and shadow techniques with AI technology to create stunning mobile portraits. You can take studio-like photos in different modes, which gives you the power to capture any style of photo in any setting. The HONOR 200 Pro is a powerful and versatile camera that puts you in control of every aspect of your photography. The HOHOR 200 series is also the Malaysia’s first Sony IMX856 Telephoto Camera Sensor on a Mid-range phone.

Magic Portal

For the first time, Magic Portal has been brought over from the Magic6 Pro towards the HONOR 200 series. Magic Portal allows easy copy text and images to your notes, or drag a line of sentences from the source to your favourite browser, such as Google Chrome, or drag images quickly to any messaging service like WhatsApp so that you can quickly forward it to your contacts. All these can be done by just tap and drag towards the right side of the screen.

Magic Capsule

The Magic Capsule is an interactive bubble that shows on top of your screen, giving the user a subtle notification that alerts the user on any push notifications from the apps installed in the phone. Beyond that, it also allows the user to quickly peek on the notification and allows certain app to have extended control over the capsule, for example, music control or snoozing alarms, or even start and stop voice recording while the user is interacting with another app in the main screen. This gave more control and convenience to the user.

AI Motion Sensing Capture

The AI Motion Sensing Capture was first introduced in the Magic5 series last year, making moving subjects and object captures simplified, by just activating the feature, you can snap fast moving pictures instantly, effectively eliminating blurs. A perfect example would be a fast moving fan, pets or even children running around, capturing pictures without missing precious moments.

The HONOR 200 Pro series will be launching on 19th June 2024, stay up to date and to know more about it, click here to find out.

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