OPPO today announced the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator, which is based on the brand value proposition “Inspiration Ahead,” to empower technology professionals and entrepreneurs in understanding that inspiration matters in trying to bring innovative solutions to life and creating a better future together. The OPPO Research Institute is sponsoring the Innovation Accelerator, with Microsoft for Startups as a strategic partner. In these uncertain times, the programme aims to encourage all technology innovators to solve some of the most pressing issues facing humanity.

OPPO is seeking proposals in two categories: accessible technology and digital health, all based on the theme of “virtuous innovation.” Up to ten proposals will be awarded grants of USD $46,000 each, as well as other opportunities for investment, technical support, research and commercial partnerships, and promotion at worldwide events, following the evaluation of proposals submitted by participating teams or individuals.

“OPPO believes deeply in the idea of ‘Virtuous Innovation’. As we continue to explore new technology, we remain dedicated to doing so in a way that puts people first. Through technology, we are attempting to solve some of the biggest issues facing humanity so that we can create a better world for all,” said Levin Liu, Vice President and Head of the OPPO Research Institute. “With the severity of global issues like aging populations, poor public health, and digital divide increasing day by day, we could not rely on our own efforts to provide solutions. We have therefore initiated the Innovation Accelerator to empower likeminded innovators to solve these big issues together with us using the power of technology.”

Grants and technical support aim to help promising entrepreneurs realize their visions

The 2022 Innovation Accelerator will take online applications beginning 8 May 2022, with winners being announced three months later after preliminary evaluations and Demo Day roadshows. All winning teams or individuals will receive a financial award by OPPO, as well as support to help them implement and promote their ideas. The following benefits will be offered to each winning proposal:

  • Approximately USD $46,000 (300,000 RMB) in grants
  • Partnership and funding opportunities
  • Commercialization of the proposed via integration with OPPO products
  • Publicity and demo opportunities at global tech events
  • Support from OPPO’s R&D team including opportunities to meet and present ideas to industry professionals
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Proposals will be evaluated by a professional Judging Committee and will be evaluated on their ability to meet four key criteria: feasibility, innovation and originality, social value, and long-term potential. OPPO also assembled a judging panel of experts, academics, and senior engineers and innovators to assist in identifying and accelerating the development of high-potential proposals.

“Startups are home to a whole trove of innovative technologies that can provide innovative digital solutions to various industries,” said James Chou, CEO and Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups, Greater China Region, Japan, and Korea. “With a decade of experience in China, Microsoft for Startups is dedicated to building an open and collaborative platform for startups and established companies to innovate together. We look forward to working with leading smartphone brand, OPPO to develop innovative solutions for a variety of industries, as well as helping research and commercial applications support each other.”

OPPO has also created a separate referral award to encourage members of the public to submit outstanding innovation cases to the Innovation Accelerator Judging Committee for consideration. During the application stage, members of the public can submit referrals via the OPPO website, with prizes available for each successful idea that makes it through the preliminary evaluation, Demo Day, and finalist stages.

OPPO also has three international roadshows planned in Hyderabad, India, Tel Aviv, Israel, and the United States.

OPPO joins force with likeminded partners to deliver ‘Inspiration Ahead’ Spirit

The global Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of billions of people around the world since it began in early 2020. Simultaneously, rapid technological advancements are leaving certain disadvantaged groups behind, posing new obstacles for them. OPPO intends to address these issues and others like it through technology, helping to bring more happiness and wellbeing to more people, as a company that takes its social responsibility and commitments sincerely through its brand goal of ‘Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World.’

OPPO has accumulated a plethora of experience and expertise inaccessible technology and digital health, as well as broad user insights and applications, through its pursuit of ‘Virtuous Innovation.’ Among these is its work on accessible design and adaptation for older users, such as the Find X3 series’ Color Vision Enhancement technology, which aids users with colour vision problems. OPPO has also produced user interfaces adapted specifically for elderly users with its ColorOS operating system and other products, allowing them to enjoy the benefits and convenience of technology.

To make health management easier for global users, OPPO established the OPPO Health Lab, which collaborates with professional medical institutions and sports academies to develop cutting-edge digital health hardware and software. OPPO hopes to improve people’s health via preventive healthcare through its research and development.

OPPO understands that its ability to change the world as a single entity is limited. OPPO hopes to connect with other like-minded individuals, teams, and organisations through the Innovation Accelerator to identify and develop high-potential solutions that will assist those who need them the most. OPPO wishes to make the Innovation Accelerator a long-term platform that addresses the world’s most pressing public issues by attracting the best ideas from the world’s brightest minds, enabling more people to benefit from Virtuous Innovation.

Based on the brand value proposition of “Inspiration Ahead,” OPPO is seeking for local tech enthusiasts to help bring innovative solutions to life and create a better future together. The OPPO Innovation Accelerator will accept applications from 8 May to 30 June 2022.

To submit a proposal, refer a proposal, or learn more about the program, please visit the official OPPO Innovation Accelerator website at oppo.com/en/proposal/ 

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