People often turn to their favourite lifestyle writers, influencers, or even friends and families when purchasing a smartphone, in addition to in-depth reviews from tech experts.
Why not check out what our #TeamGalaxy Voice of Consumers have to say about their Galaxy S22 and how it has impacted their lives? (Especially for those who have recently switched over to #LifeWithGalaxy)


My favourite thing about my S22 is the camera. The pro mode on the phone enables me to have control over the photos I take. The quality is also very sharp. – Nadirah | Filmmaker

The camera technology makes photography 100x easier! Here’s a moon taken with the 100x zoom!Joshua Se | Photographer

My girly instinct loves the front facing camera. None of my selfies has looked bad so far. What’s not to love?” – Dayang | News Anchor

Selfie made amazing even under low light condition – Sammy | Content Creator

Everything about the camera! It has levelled up my phone-tography to the next level – the nightography, the details, the portrait mode, and the editing features. I feel like I have a professional camera AND a professional editing app all in one phone – Sachie | TikToker


I really love how the Multi Window feature allows me to multitask and work on multiple things at the same time. Something I didn’t have on my old phone. – Shivani | Creative Makeup Artist


I think the construction and the build is really solid. Definitely my favourite feature about the phone. The design is minimal, sleek and bold yet maintaining functionality and durability. – Aaron | Extreme Sports Enthusiast


Low latency gave me the best digital drawing experience – Kelvin | Interior Designer

I love how it’s so easy to sketch with the S Pen – Celest | Bridal Designer


The Galaxy S22 Ultra takes me from day to night, on a single charge! – Fazril | Associate Professor

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