In one way or another, the majority of us are fashionistas. We like the fun new trends we can try out on a daily basis, the works of art that designers want to encourage us to wear on a daily basis, and the thrill of seeing our own personalities reflected in a piece of clothing or a vibrant colour.

Fashion, like filmmaking, reveals a part of one’s personality; the way you style your outfits tells countless stories of who you are, who you’ve been, and who you want to be. It releases one’s creativity and allows one to tell their own stories. Laura Low, an art-driven film director, describes it as a way for her to externalise and express her ideas, which led her to devote herself full-time to directing.

The all-new Galaxy S22 Ultra offers plenty of unique features, including Samsung’s most advanced camera technology to date, that offers up endless possibilities. To demonstrate the love affair between fashion and filmmaking, Low directed and produced her own short film.

It allows you to take photographs and films that are out of the ordinary thanks to its dynamic and versatile camera experience. The device features larger sensors and Adaptive Pixel technology, as well as an anti-reflective nano-coated lens that captures colours and makes your shots pop out in vivid tones by allowing more light into the frame, making them look spectacular – in any lighting condition. Even with various forms of illumination during a film production, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can take clear videos with stunning textures and colours, even in the dark.

“The mobility of the camera allows for us to not be afraid to craft ideas out. Just grab, shoot and go! You can use the phone to lie on the floor and shoot a super low angle or squeeze into tight spaces and shoot different spaces,” she praised.

Can’t keep the excitement she has for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, she goes on to share her experience with some of the other cool features on the device – “the Pro-Mode for Photo and Video taking is a very powerful feature in the camera and allows for greater control over the look and feel of the image that creators want to capture”, bringing the human form to a new light and dimension – making it a film-worthy experience.

Portrait mode snap shots with artfully out-of-focus backgrounds aren’t new, but they’ve been getting progressively better over the past few years, yielding greater natural-looking outcomes, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra offers the same – its most recent algorithm can even pick a single strand of hair from its background to ensure the subject stays wholly in focus, with a natural blurred background around them. “It allows for more cinematic depth of field images”, Low added.

Even better, since creativity may come from anywhere and ideas can come from anywhere, Low finds it easy to communicate her ideas to her team without having to worry with having a pen or paper on hand – due to the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy S22 Ultra! You can quickly jot down ideas and even edit videos while on the go, allowing you to be more creative and productive.

As you rely on your smartphone to film – longevity is just as crucial. Low excitedly shared her experience with the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s all-day battery life – a 5,000-mAh capacity that can last you through your day on a single charge. “The battery definitely lives up to the expectations especially since we really are pushing the limit of the phone,” she said with pleasure. Better yet, if your battery is running low due to heavy use, its 45W fast charging will quickly restore full power to your device, allowing you to return to director mode!

Producing a film no longer seems like a distant dream. With the camera features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, aspiring directors of all backgrounds can break down traditional filmmaking barriers by redefining the filmmaking experience and putting it all into one ultimate smartphone series. All it takes is for you to be brave, and go for it.

Born of Galaxy Stars Short Film Competition

Don’t fret if you’ve always wanted to make movies but haven’t known where to begin. With the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you may pursue your dream to become a filmmaker! All you have to do is submit a short script by 24 April 2022 in the Born of the Galaxy Stars short film competition, endorsed by the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest), in line with the theme, Borderless with Nightography, and choose one of the concepts to include in the short script: Fashion, Fitness, Romance, or Music. Samsung Malaysia and MIFFest will then select 22 shortlisted participants who will be presented with the Galaxy S22 Ultra to shoot and produce their short films. These final productions will then be in the running to win an award in July 2022 at the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) opening ceremony.

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