As we progress into a more digitised society, customer service is becoming increasingly important. OPPO is introducing two special after-sales services exclusively for Reno7 customers with the new and exciting launch of the OPPO Reno7 Series 5G- the Portrait Expert. Under OPPO’s service motto, “care what you care, within your reach,” the Trustworthy Service Package bundled with the devices will elevate a customer’s experience. OPPO is also introducing an exclusive “VIP” service, the OPPO Premium Service, that will be focused on the Reno7 Pro 5G.

The Reno7 Series 5G is OPPO’s latest mid-range device that excels in-camera capabilities. It was launched on 22 February 2022, and sales commenced on 5 March 2022. This “Portrait Expert” device is equipped with a Dual Flagship Camera System, which is co-developed with Sony and features the world’s first Sony IMX766 and IMX709 cameras. Moreover, it comes with fantastic software that enables users to capture moments in excellent Portrait Mode and Bokeh Flare Portrait Video – just like a DSLR portrait in any light conditions.

OPPO is truly making it possible to provide customers with not just an excellent device but also an enjoyable, distinctive experience and a satisfactory repair service, thanks to its new Trustworthy Service Package for customers who purchase the Reno7 Series 5G.

Six main services are included in Trustworthy Service Package. Customers can first enjoy a Free Send-in Repair Service, that allows them to send devices in for repair without having to visit a customer service centre or pay any shipping fees. Secondly, OPPO provides professional after-sales services without any labour charge. Users can also enjoy the lifetime benefit of getting the most recent updates available for improving the phone’s system performance. OPPO is also introducing three OPPO Protection Plans under this package, including an Accidental Damage Protection Plan, Screen Protection Plan, and Extended Warranty, to protect your phone at a low cost. From the 10th to the 12th of each month, you can also enjoy Repair Day Repair Discounts, which provide exclusive benefits and discounts at selected OPPO service centres to give your phone a new experience. Last but not least, OPPO’s 1 Hour Flash Fix, which is available in select authorised service centres, provides users with a fast and reliable quick repair service.

Exclusively for Reno7 Pro 5G’s customers, the OPPO Premium Service offers three essential amenities. Firstly, OPPO offers a 24-hour Exclusive Hotline at 1-800-81-7666 that answers customers’ questions and solves any problems. Additionally, Reno7 Pro 5G users can enjoy a prioritized service through the “VIP” lane at the My OPPO Space. Lastly, instead of outsourcing the repair service to third parties, OPPO will push to offer services from exclusive engineers specifically cultivated through thorough rounds of screenings instead of outsourcing the repair service to third parties.

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