Authored by Won-joon Choi, EVP & Head of R&D Office, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics

We are standing on the threshold of an exceptionally thrilling and perhaps one of the most pivotal moments in technology. The age of mobile AI is upon us – an era that Samsung embraced with the debut of Galaxy AI features on the Galaxy S24 series, our maiden AI-equipped smartphone.

Revolutionizing Mobile Experiences Through a Hybrid AI Strategy

To harness the tangible advantages of generative AI technology for the Galaxy S24 series, we adopted a hybrid approach to AI integration. With its multitude of possibilities, AI is poised to revolutionize mobile devices into the primary gateways for unlocking its potential, as users worldwide increasingly rely on their phones for myriad day-to-day needs.

Acknowledging the deeply personal nature of mobile devices and their pivotal role in life’s critical and cherished moments, we believe smartphones should elevate these experiences in a simpler, more intuitive, and monumental manner. We also prioritize privacy, granting users complete control over their shared information.

Our hybrid strategy strikes a balance between the immediate responsiveness and enhanced privacy of on-device AI and the adaptability of cloud-based AI, achieved through collaborative ventures with industry leaders to offer a suite of functions tailored to users’ daily lives.

Expanding Horizons with On-device AI

Choosing to anchor the ‘Live Translate’ feature on on-device AI was a deliberate decision, given that voice calls represent the fundamental essence of smartphones – a private and intimate mode of communication. Samsung is committed to empowering users to communicate seamlessly across language barriers while safeguarding privacy.

Bringing this feature to life demanded unwavering dedication from our R&D teams, who engaged in collaborative efforts that brought out the best in our capabilities. From determining optimal AI language model sizes to real-life scenario testing, our MX business R&D units pushed boundaries to ensure this feature operates entirely on-device.

Samsung’s global R&D networks, spanning Poland, China, India, Vietnam, and beyond, have been instrumental in expanding the languages supported by Galaxy AI. With languages being cultural and contextual, our local R&D offices play a pivotal role in breaking down barriers and enabling natural communication in diverse regions.

This collective effort has enabled Samsung to unveil something truly groundbreaking. Soon, we will extend the power of Galaxy AI beyond Samsung’s native calling app by integrating Live Translate into third-party messaging apps for voice calls. Users can now communicate effortlessly in multiple languages on their favorite platforms, all while ensuring their privacy, thanks to the integration of this feature into our on-device AI language translation model.

As intelligent computing power, particularly NPUs, advances rapidly, we anticipate more mobile AI features being integrated into devices, offering convenience and peace of mind to users.

Growing Galaxy AI for Tomorrow’s Needs, Today

This development is part of our ongoing commitment to Galaxy AI, marking the next phase in the mobile AI era. We will further enhance the Galaxy AI experience for upcoming foldable devices, synergizing their versatility with Galaxy AI to unlock new possibilities.

Samsung remains dedicated to expanding Galaxy AI experiences across the broader Galaxy ecosystem in a manner unique to us. As the mobile AI era progresses, we are accelerating mobile AI innovations to meet the evolving needs of today and tomorrow.

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