TCL is a brand that is closely associated with TV’s and home electronics, and they do captured some of the user base, especially those who preferred something affordable with some of the quality features within the device itself, and many should know that TCL does excel in the display related electronics, and again no doubt the TCL Tab11 LTE does put in some strength as we explore further in this review.

Unboxing Content

  • The Tablet
  • SIM Ejector
  • USB A to C Cable
  • Power Adaptor
  • T-Pen Stylus
  • Tablet Cover
  • Screen Protector


The design brings in the element of aluminum mixed with plastic that covers most of the body of the tablet. The strips of antenna is located just beside the rear camera, and this is a smart move as when holding the tablet, the antenna is facing upwards and therefore giving an advantage towards network and transmissions for 4G and WiFi. The overall weight is just around 462 grams and the thickness is measured at 6.9mm, making it fairly easy to operate and hold on it, also in part thanks to the rightly sized bezel on the screen. The camera bump is not that intrusive, with that said you can lay almost flat on any surface, or just use the included tablet cover in the box.

The rest are pretty basic, a sim card tray with MicroSD expansion, 2 microphone, a USB C port for data and charging, and a set of quad speakers located on the left and right of the tablet. The only thing I might missed so much for a budget tablet is the 3.5mm jack, which is not on this tablet, however getting a Bluetooth TWS or USB C based earphones aint hard now a days, so you still have an easy option for that.

Display & Audio

The Tab11 LTE has an 11 inch 2k resolution display at 60Hz, which I could appreciate as the high resolution screen does able to produce good colors and contrast with the brightness that can peaked up around 300nits in average. It does have widevine L3 support, enabling DRM streaming content to be able to playback just fine on apps such as Netflix and Disney+. Apart from this, NXTVISION also further enhances dark details, sharpness and better contrast for all your video viewing and game play. For those who loves to read, reading mode and eye comfort modes are available to filter out blue light in order to reduce harm on your eyes. Overall the display provides good visuals for daily use supported by their in house enhancements that brings good values to it.

Now Audio wise, as mentioned earlier, this tablet has a quad speaker setup that is quite loud, in fact TCL did not include any customizations to it, so you will be missing out on setting your own equalizers or pre defined ones, however that being said, you still being able to playback your favorite music or video and listen it comfortably in your living room and still, loud and clear creating surround effects that you can enjoy on most sessions.


The Tablet houses two cameras, both running at 8MP, and able to record up to 1080P at 30FPS. For such camera specifications and logically the usage is just mostly on a quick needed snaps and upload, while for video it is sufficient enough for video conferencing and video calls, which I would say as long you are in a well bright, lit up area, the camera is performing quite OK in most circumstances, supported by the dual microphone it does the job well. So this is pretty much expected for most budget tablet, but hey, at least in my honest opinion, it does what it should do, and I am totally OK with it.

Performance, Software, Benchmarks

Performance wise, the TCL Tab11 LTE is powered by the MediaTek Helio P60T with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. It does have LTE connectivity, so you can insert a SIM card in it and begin surfing over your favorite content, if not, you still can enjoy pretty good speeds with its WiFi AC included. Apart from that, you still can expand your storage further if you are out of space with MicroSD card up to 2TB. To keep things light, the Tab11 is running on almost pure Android 13 with TCL 5 UI that further lowering down overall consumption, there is not much of bloatware and most of the included applications or enhancements are kept to pretty minimal yet fluid.

A stylus is also included in the package should you need to scribble and doodle things on the screen, TCL calls in the T-Pen and during testing, it interacts almost at no latency, this is surely a value added accessories that in fact is included in the box along with a flip cover that keeps your tablet protected at all times.

When it comes to the experience, the TCL Tab 11 LTE can last you easily around 2 days no problem, especially if you are just enjoying it with entertainment, some gaming and work stuff on it over the 8000MaH battery capacity. Since I am touching on the battery, recharging it will take quite abit of time, averaging 2.5 hours to get it full and back on track. Gaming with the tablet can only go as far as MOBA titles like Mobile Legends and slightly intensive ones like Honkai Star Rail, which it still can take on around 35FPS in low settings, having said that, it is still within our expectation considering the specs they put in.

Other than that it includes PC Mode, where it turns the tablet to desktop like experience with your keyboard and mouse, and Second Screen mode turning your tablet as the extension monitor for your PC/Laptop.

Last but not least, the benchmarks, and I am just putting it here just for performance and synthetics run purposes, hence not to worry too much as long you are doing light work with it, and minimal multitasking apps at the same time.

Verdict & Conclusion


Well, this tablet is selling at RM999 and came included with a case, screen protector and an active stylus, best of all at has LTE connectivity and to me, it is a great all in one starter pack for the students and those who wish to unleash some doodling, drawing creativeness to it without paying much. It may not have the best processing power to it, but it does have a good display and audio in it, which you can enjoy all day and night with it during work, after work, switching applications along with ease, indoors and outdoors at anytime. To conclude, for the price and specs, it is reasonable and should give great value to the potential buyers out there.

For more information on the TCL Tab 11 LTE, CLICK HERE to find out

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