• Save the date for Malaysia Official Launch on June 1st, rebuilding the eye care benchmark of smartphone industry

HONOR Magic4 Pro, with HONOR’s most powerful display, will be released on 1 June – watch the livestream on HONOR Malaysia’s Facebook page to learn about a smarter, higher-definition display that answers smartphone users’ daily pain points.

Symmetrical Design Featuring a Quad-Curved Display

The HONOR Magic4 Pro features HONOR’s iconic “Eye of Muse” symmetrical design with a 6.81-inch LTPO Quad-Curved Display and ultra-thin bezels for a truly immersive viewing experience and an incredibly comfortable grip. Beyond just a normal screen, the HONOR Magic4 Pro’s display is HDR 10+ and IMAX ENHANCED certified, with 1.07 billion colours and a DCI-P3 wide colour gamut, allowing for a more vivid experience suitable for binge-watching or casual gaming.

World’s first 1920Hz PWM Dimming LTPO: Innovative technology for safer view

There is bound to be eyestrain problems such as headaches, blurred vision, and dry eyes as a result of the common habit of enjoying the amusement of a smartphone for long periods of time. The HONOR Magic4 Pro is equipped with cutting-edge 1920Hz PWM dimming LTPO display technology, which reduces brightness fluctuations and screen flickering in displays, especially in dark or low-light environments, making it ideal for those who spend long periods of time on their phones in low-light environments such as the cinema and bedroom.

The HONOR Magic4 Pro saves battery life by utilising the LTPO display’s Motion-Sync technology, which adjusts the refresh rate frame from 1Hz to 120Hz based on various usage scenarios, leading to increased power efficiency and all-day battery capacity.

MEMC independent display chip: Boasts up video quality for a pleasurable view

The HONOR Magic4 Pro features a separate MEMC display chip and self-adaptive HDR rendering technology, allowing for real-time conversion from SDR to HDR video and a frame rate increase from 30 to 60fps.

Youtube and Netflix both have this feature now. You can enjoy higher-definition and more vibrant video quality after enabling the feature. People are used to seeing HD movies nowadays, therefore when they want to watch classic movies like P. Ramlee and Jackie Chan’s action films, the viewing experience is always hampered by low definition. Users may utilise HONOR Magic4 Pro to turn on the video quality enhancement function and have a more pleasant viewing experience when viewing classic movies. As a result, the HONOR Magic 4 Pro provides a better viewpoint on solutions, reducing pain points for a better smartphone experience.

Check out https://www.hihonor.com/my/phones/honor-magic4-pro/ for latest info or stick with us on HONOR Malaysia’s Facebook page.

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