The Galaxy S Series has long been a pillar for standout photography as a result of Samsung’s years in developing innovative technologies to continuously push boundaries. This year, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series launched to continue upholding its reputation of photo-excellence – except now, it’s been made more effortless than ever to take professional-looking photos in just a single point and click.

With Tetra-binning on the S22 and S22+, and Nona-binning on the S22 Ultra, this year’s Galaxy S Series benefits from larger pixels with pixel binning technology to absorb more light in order to efficiently process noise and produce highly detailed night videos.

By ridding the hassle of light balancing through larger pixels, users on the Galaxy S22 Series may freely let their cameras work their magic in more ways than one. For the true Advanced Nightography experience, the Galaxy S22 Series also uses Auto Framerate and Super Night Solution to further adjust lighting and provide clarity to low-light conditions, capable of going all the way to 60fps in Full HD.

Aside from that, the cameras in the Galaxy S22 Series are also programmed with Super Steady System, which relies on Samsung’s signature Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) system to push the boundaries of low-light filming even further. This latest iteration to the Galaxy S Series sees OIS increase in width by 58% alongside 4x faster motion sampling for buttery smooth video results. All of this is tied together by AI AF, Auto-Focusing backed by AI Scene Understanding to track fast-moving subjects perfectly still despite the low-light conditions.

Mobile photography and filmography were elevated to cinematic levels with the Galaxy S22 Series and its epic cameras. But more importantly, it’s brought greater accessibility for everyone to unleash their creative side by making any location the ideal location for filming!

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