Taking a stunning photo or video before smartphones were indeed a labor-intensive process that only the rich could access. Technology advancements have blurred the line, making photographic and video content creation more affordable and accessible to the general public.

HUAWEI Malaysia’s new smartphone, which inherited the aesthetics and powerful performance of its predecessors, is designed and tailored for young consumers, offering quality, well-made smart devices with incredible cameras.

In other words, HUAWEI’s smartphone innovation is the catalyst that turns your passion for photography into a piece of great artwork, from amateur to professional.

Capture Beautiful Moments with the 108MP Super Camera

With this new HUAWEI product, having a passion for photography has never been easier. This new product promises improved image quality, and also AI processing improvements, and excellent camera sensors for a compelling photography experience. With the all-new upgraded 108MP quad-camera systems, the latest product aims to redefine the standards for smartphones aimed at younger consumers by providing extraordinary pixel-level clarity to photos taken in any lighting condition. Now you can strike a pose worry-free with HUAWEI’s most anticipated super product!

Super Vlog, Your Vlogging Best Friend

Recognizing the increasing popularity of videos on social media today. HUAWEI is bringing highly sought-after creative vlogging experiences for youths. With this in mind, the latest smartphone is presenting Super Vlog, offering the convenience to flip between selfie and rear camera flawlessly and get uninterrupted footage in one take, proving to be a handy tool when you’re filming videos for all your social media needs. Users can use both front and rear cameras to record two perspectives in a single video with the new Dual-View Video feature, which streamlines the video editing process for all types of content. Don’t forget to also take full advantage of the Video Search function to further enhance the videos!

Prepare yourself for HUAWEI’s upcoming product, which not only promises the best content creation experience in today’s era of widespread video popularity on social media but also comes with powerful features such as the 108MP AI quad-camera. Guaranteed to provide you with a user experience that’s as enjoyable as its predecessors, you surely want to keep an eye out and everything that it has to offer!

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