Nowadays, it’s hard to find affordable earbuds. It’s even harder to find affordable AND excellent quality earbuds. Fortunately, we got you covered. One of UGreen latest product, The UGreen HiTune T3 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Earbuds is out on sale now!

Now let us have a look at the packaging first and foremost. The packaging has a clean and simplistic design. You could clearly see the brand along with the model name etched on top. If you flipped the box over you see a simplified feature printed on it to make it convenient for the user to understand. It also contains all the necessary information and product specifications regarding the HiTune T3 model. in case you’re wondering, here’s the product specification:

Product Specification :

Product Name HiTune T3 Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless Earbuds
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth ProfilesHFP, AVRCP, A2DP
Bluetooth Frequency2400MHz – 2483.5MHz
Bluetooth Range 10m/32.8 feet
Codecs AAC, SBC
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
Charging Case BatteryLi-Po
Charging Case Input 5V – 320mA
Charging Case Output 5V – 100mA
Charging PotUSB-C
Charge Earbuds1.5 hours
Charge Charging Case2 hours
Operating Time7 hours of music playback with single charging
24 hours of music playback with charging case
*Statistics regarding the battery life are from UGreen lab and were tested 60% volume in normal mode by AAC codec.

Since we’re done with the packaging, let us have a look at what it has installed inside. So the moment you open the packaging, you’ll find the following items included :

  1. 1 unit of the UGreen HiTune T3 (White)
  2. 1 pair of standard handle-shaped wireless earbuds (with silicon eartips attached)
  3. 1 set of charging case
  4. 1 unit of USB type C charger
  5. 3 sets of extra silicon eartips (S,M, and L respectively)
  6. 1 copy of instruction manual
  7. 1 copy of safety instruction guide

Now we’re done with the contents, let us start with the design.


Generally, the HiTune T3 model currently only comes in two colours, which are black and white. The unit we received is white in design. A crystal white as a matter of fact. It shines brilliantly bright with light reflection. Colours aside the entire unit have a rounded edge shape, so it has a comfortable grip while holding it for both children and adult. The cover itself is composed entirely out of high quality matte plastic which is a nice touch for its simplistic design. By looking at the charging case, there are 3 LED light indicators located in front of the case. The indicators will flash based on the battery percentage it currently has. Notably :

  1. 1 blinking dot – less than 30%
  2. 1 full dot with 1 blinking – 30% to 60%
  3. 2 full dot with 1 blinking – 65% to 100%
  4. 3 full dot – 100%

Moving on, behind the charging case there’s a “UGREEN” logo etched onto the hinge in grey. Below the case is a USB Type-C port for charging purposes. Just slight left to the port is a button that allows you to display battery level as well as to switch devices (Yes, the UGreen T3 allows multiple device connections)

When the case is opened there are a pair of handle-shaped earbuds sited inside. Both the earbuds have the logo “UGREEN” etched onto the handle just like the one on the case. The earbuds are quite comfortable to hold given by the handle design, it also makes it easier to lock the earbuds unto your ears. With both the charging case and earbuds, it weights around 45g or 1.59 ounces at most which add a more pristine feeling to the quality.


When it comes to Bluetooth support, the HiTune T3 requires Bluetooth 5.2 version in order to connect to any device, so it is best that your mobile device support the aforementioned Bluetooth requirement in order for it to work. Once the charging case is open, one of the earbuds will start flashing (specifically the right side earbud) and it will cease once a mobile device has been connected. The range of connectivity is 10m (32.8 ft) which is actually quite excellent if you ask me. It makes it superbly convenient while I was doing chores around my home.


Battery-wise, the HiTune T3 has 7 hours of playback with a single charge. Which has an additional 1 hour compared to the UGreen HiTune X6 Hybrid. If you insert it back into the charging case it could last for a full 24 hours playback. Proven the HiTune T3 to be a splendid choice for both music and video playback purposes. When it comes to charging, all it takes it’s just 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged from the ground up.


Now here comes the million-dollar question, how is the performance? How efficient can it get? Well for starters, let us begin with sound quality. I’ve personally picked a song with a heavy base on HI-Fi mode to test out the efficiency of the earbuds. To my surprise, it absolutely captures every single essence of the song. The base, the chimes, the piano keys, and so on. It is perfect for people who have a very high demand for sound quality. This is due to the 10mm dynamic driver installed in each of the earbuds, resulting in an upscale enhancement on superbass. The moment I picked up the earbuds I could not lay them back down because I was instantly addicted to the sound quality it has to offer, I could clearly hear each and every beat with no delay, no laggings, absolutely no issue at all. Not to mention HiTune T3 also supports both SBC and AAC format, allowing frequency response up to 20kHz.

怪物 (Kaibutsu) by Yoasobi, a song with heavy basses

The earbuds came in 3 modes: Normal Mode, Ambient Mode, and Active Noise Cancelling Mode (ANC). You could easily switch between modes by touch and holding on to the right earbud for 2 seconds. I’ve tried all the modes and here’s my experience.

Normal Mode
Now normal is your typical default settings, as mentioned above the normal mode itself could capture every single detail of the song and it also does the same even when it comes to videos and games.

Ambient Mode
This mode as the name suggests, allows you to play any music while at the same time leaving out some space for you to hear what is happening in your surrounding. It is actually quite effective when it comes to answering calls while it’s driving. It’s one of the safer alternatives to answer any incoming calls without distracting yourself on the road.

ANC Mode
The highlight for the earbuds. ANC modes cancel out any external sounds coming inward to your ears. While you can still hear some very faint sound coming in from outside, it is extremely muffled. This is perfect when it comes to self-studies, revision, and even physical workouts.


UGreen never fails to impress. The HiTune T3 is yet another excellent product they could offer to the market. Performance is prestige while pricing is also affordable to the general public. The only downside is there’s currently no known protective cover for the HiTune T3, making it vulnerable to scratches if one is not careful enough. However, this could be resolved by purchasing a hard zipper casing which UGreen itself also provides. The current price for the earbuds is RM149 up to this point. You may find the product in the following links :



As for the hard zipper casing, you may buy it via the following link :



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