Almost no creases, an almost perfect all rounder

*The following article is just a preview of the unit and its a quick experience of the unit

HONOR has seen been enjoying the success and innovation of their range of devices, from Smartphones and Laptops. Not too long ago, HONOR announced the Magic V, a foldable phone which further shows that brands are now slowly trending towards 2 in 1 pocketable device

Design and Screen

The HONOR Magic V design is a 2 screen device that when folded, it houses a 6.45inch screen display with HDR10+ and a sweet 120Hz display, which also support DCI-P3 wide color gamut enhancements. Looking closely over the screen, it has a slight curved that is over both sides of the display giving it a better angle and the brightness is great with up to 431PPI and 1 Billion colors.

Looking towards the back the unit that we previewing is the Burnt Orange which when touch and feel on it, the leathery feeling is there, with a touch of its elegance especially when unfolded, its very symmetrical with the 6.7inch thinness only.

Further unfolded, you will be amazed with the large 7.9 inch display with 90Hz refresh rates and density of 381ppi, which in my opinion, bright and vibrant with the same HDR10+ quality screen. Furthermore unfolding it shows close to no creases even when done repeatedly and this is also thanks to the material being used, which is made of three aerospace grade materials, high hardness zirconium-based liquid metal, corrosion-resistant high-strength titanium alloy, and lightweight high-strength carbon fiber.


Being a powerful device, the HONOR Magic V also comes with packed full of cameras, below is the known camera specifications

Rear50 MP, 23mm (wide lens), PDAF, DTOF Laser AF
50 MP, 20mm (wide), PDAF
50 MP, (ultrawide)
Front (Folded and Unfolded)42 MP, (wide)

At a glance and experience, we find that the camera quality and overall first impression is clear on the picture processing, with a pretty good AI enhancement and color reproduction is matching most of the scenarios, although saturation may still be there, but we can understand that we are previewing it over an early version of the software. Overall I am still happy with the results of the pictures and images taken.


Beneath this beauty of the device, the HONOR Magic V is powered by the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Octa Core Processor with 12GB RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage. Initial browsing, surfing, streaming is blazing fast although I did not test on the gaming portion, but I am very sure that it will take any games with ease, not just eSports titles, but much more graphically intensive ones like Genshin Impact which will take full advantage and switches display modes easily, whether you are playing it over the cover display or the full screen unfolded fast refresh rate tablet mode. On top of that the OS is powered with Android 12 and Magic 6 UI that has baked featured enhancements and compatibility on foldable phones.

Thoughts (but not Verdict)

If anyone wanted my thoughts, I am VERY excited when the final, commercial review unit ever comes to my desk, as I will definitely review it for sure, as I am amazed with the Camera setup, Performance and the Leather design, which carrying in and taking it out from the pocket shows class and hardware that stands out from others. I would want to test further on the framerate over gaming as well, which this may be the only device and the future trend that consumers will only carry one device only to do everything they ever wanted, including myself.

To Learn more about the HONOR Magic V, Visit Here to find out.

Special Thanks to HONOR on the quick Preview

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