SSD or Solid State Drive has been somewhat of an essential type of storage medium when it comes commonly on our PC or laptop, whereby booting off your favorite operating system or even storing games, so that you can do faster, save faster or even game faster.

Today we will look at the Maxsun Avenger M.2 NVME SSD, a budget performance NVME Drive from Maxsun produced for all your quick storage purposes.


The Maxsun Avenger NVME SSD comes with the following

  • The NVME SSD itself
  • User Manual and Quick Start Guide
  • Additional screws


Like most NVME SSD, the Maxsun Avenger features a slim profile sticker which below contains the dissipation that is attached that is meant to dissipate heat while working with the drive, besides that it also has all the standard NVMe 1.3 specifications standard with PCI-E 3.0 X 4 generation support that sets as a common industrial standard that is fully compatible with most motherboards and laptops that are produced this day, making it affordable but does not cheap out as they have chosen silicon motion as their controller for their NVMe SSD of choice with 3D NAND Flash embedded to it. This ensure stability on its read and write during the course of using it.

Benchmarking and Performance

Above is the results during our testing. We found out that the Maxsun Avenger is stable and well optimized during its benchmarking on read and write speed, scoring very near to its advertised specifications with stress test via ATTO benchmark, the SSD is still be able to maintain it’s speed at a very satisfactory level, this means that if you wanted to use it as a OS boot drive, as an external storage or even as game storage, this SSD could be an affordable choice just meant for the reason. All of this is tested with the Illegear Raven SE laptop with Intel i5 CPU, 24GB of RAM and connected fully with the power supply adaptor.

Verdict and Conclusion

As an NVME SSD, we find that the Maxsun Avenger NVMe SSD is a good choice and a way to breathe new life towards an affordable way of replacing or upgrading your fast storage, whether you are using a laptop, desktop, NUC, or SFF PC, this NVMe drive could be just right for you, without breaking the bank and with its standard consumer features, high compatibility, it should be all easy to install, format and operate straight away as it is compatible with major Windows and Linux OS.

Currently the NVMe SSD is selling from RM129 with 128GB, 256GB or 480GB storage flavors of choice and you can purchase it HERE in this LINK.

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