Earbuds with UV NANO that feels good and care for your healthy ears

Today we will look at the new model of the LG Tone Series from LG which is the LG TONE Free FP8 earbuds which is mostly targeted towards Gamers and Casual and Music lovers. Let’s take on the journey of this TWS with much featured packed inside in this review.

The Unboxing

The LG TONE Free FP8 comes with the following :

1x LG TONE Free FP8

1x Charging Case

1x USB Type-C Cable

1x Quick Start Guide/User Manual

2 pairs Additional eartips size (S, M , L)

The contents inside the TWS earbuds is all you need to get thing started

The Design

The LG TONE Free FP8 approach is is based off the hard plastic macaron shaped look, matte design with the rounded cute style outlook that is looking again, macaron is in my mind now every time. The LG TONE Free FP8 still brings in the standard format factor into its casing and is still relatively easy to carry or keep into your bags or sleeve with its Red LED on the casing indicating the power while slightly lower over the power LED you will spot the UVNano LED in Blue will light up when you have docked the pair or earbuds which is doing its job sanitizing the earbuds while charging. The sanitizing is automated and will only take up to 5 minutes. The LED indicator is easy to understand. Opening up the case reveals the pair of earbuds which are easy to hold and wear towards my ear. If you feel uncomfortable, just change the eartips which are supplied in the box as well. The earbuds are weighted at 5.1 grams each side, with the combination of the charging/carrying case being just about 41 Grams, which is lightweight and overall easy to the pocketable.

Performance – Battery and Connectivity

The LG TONE Free FP8 will last about 6 Hours in my experience for a single charge, which is pretty fast in my opinion, and if you are just using it on a mix of music, gaming and calls, it could last slightly longer than that. You can at least recharge back from the charging case for at least 3 to 4 times and off you go on continuing your music or gaming, giving it an average of 22 hours of total usage time. There is no wireless charging support however plugging it over to the power bank or any USB C charger does the job as well, which each charging over takes about roughly 2 hours.

Connectivity wise, the LG TONE Free FP8 is connected via Bluetooth 5.2 AAC/SBC support and it’s simple, just turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and scan, open up the charging case, take out the Earbuds and place it to your ears, and wait for it to be connected. It is simple to operate. The pair of earbuds will detect each other automatically in stereo mode. Optionally you can use the LG Tone Free app which we will talk about it as well.

Performance – Sound and User/App experience

The LG TONE Free FP8 is a pair of powerful TWS earbuds, performance wise, every time when I pick the earbuds up to my ear, it’s connected immediately, reconnection is fast as well, with tolerable low latency when playing games or just streaming via YouTube. If you need to switch to different equalizer mode, just access the Tone Free app and you are given with 5 different modes you can choose with 2 additional customizable equalizer settings for the user. The FP8 also features easy tapping over the earbuds over controls such as enabling ANC, answering calls, music control and so on. You can also refer to its additional controls or just use the App again to manually set it, giving it options for the user to control what is convenient. There is also an experimental game mode which when enabled, gives a much immersive audio experience for gaming audio which gave good advantage over Shooting games, or any mobile game which is oriented towards first person perspective experience over opponent directions. All of these audio experience mentioned is powered by the Meridian Audio Technology. On top of that, testing over mic quality is excellent with 3 digital MEMS microphone on each side of the earbuds.

There is a very short window of delay when placing back the pair of earbuds to the casing and waiting for it to recharge, but it is just a relatively small issue only. Weight wise, each earbud weighs about 5.1 grams only, which is absolutely comfortable to wear with its pair of directional microphone providing clear call quality and with optimized solutions from Bluetooth 5.2 technologies. Additionally, if you a music lover, it does support AAC native Codec via Bluetooth as long your phone specifications is compatible with it.


Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth Range10m
Earbuds Battery Capacity68mAh 3.7V
Charging Case Capacity390mAh 3.7V with Fast Charging
Charging PortUSB C with USB cable included
Bluetooth ProtocolSBC, AAC with Multipairing (5 Devices)
Frequency Response Range50-30,000 Hz
Charging Case Output 5V=100mA


The LG TONE Free FP8 is a great pair of TWS earbuds that comes at the right timing, with features such as UVNano, a great audio experience that is suitable for both enthusiasts and gamers alike, its direction of LG producing such product is greatly appreciated and highly enjoyable, especially for those who also wear earbuds for long hours of usage. It is now available at Retail & Online at RM899 , at this point of writing.

For more information and purchase on the LG TONE Free FP8, click HERE to find out.

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