Renowned photographer Sally Mann once quoted, “Part of the artist’s job is to make the commonplace singular, to project a different interpretation onto the conventional.” Photography has always been a unique language, a wonderful art people seek to understand, master, and admire. It serves as a powerful instrument in expressing feelings and ideas for some, evoking various emotions, thoughts, and inspirations within the audience, and has done so for hundreds of years. More people now resort to mobile photography, where creative expression is made accessible to the masses and not limited to those who can afford professional tools and equipment. When one is an artist, any tool one has close by can help them make art.

Nadirah Zakariya believes that photography is all about the content rather than the device people use to take pictures. The internationally published photographer whose works were featured in numerous prominent publications such as Bloomberg, The New York Times Magazine, NYLON, VICE, and Vogue Italia, had the opportunity to experience the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G in her recent creative projects and dived into its fascinating features and functions. Even for a professional like her, smartphones prove to be a must-have artistic companion, and with the birth of social media platforms such as Instagram, more people are showing off their creative streaks online and pushing the boundaries of photography.

The co-founder of Layar Lucida, KL20X20 Photography Project, and Exposure+ Photo recently experimented with photographing flowers. What started as a coping mechanism during the Movement Control Order has turned into a business with people reaching out to purchase her art. “I personally enjoyed having the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G with me because of its compact size, and how easily it fits into my pocket. It brings back memories of the flip phones in the early 2000s. I think it’s cute, fun, and convenient!” said Nadirah. “The new Cover Screen that also acts as a preview screen for the rear camera is a useful feature to have in my opinion, because it allows me to take brilliant selfies without the need to rely on the secondary, front-facing camera like in most smartphones. And I don’t even have to flip it open or adjust the way I hold it so it wouldn’t fall!”

The visual artist documents her photoshoot process and often jumps into video calls to discuss her projects, and she had found the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G a delightful company to have by her side at work. “My most favourite feature on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is definitely the Flex Mode! I love the fact that I can prop the phone up on any surface and it will just sit there nicely, ready to record or capture pictures at a click or just using a simple hand gesture,” she added. She reminisced the times she had to leave her smartphones leaning against books or use mobile tripods but the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G just conveniently eliminated this problem for her.

The foldable smartphone’s compact size was a breath of fresh air. Nadirah stated, “Normally, I am always carrying around camera gears to do what I usually do and have a separate smartphone for other things but after using the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, I discovered that I can take good quality test shots with it and the smartphone instantly feels like an essential tool for me to have when I’m working.” Apart from that, she enjoyed the Multi-Active Window feature on the device because it allows her to multitask with ease and discuss her work on video calls efficiently. She lamented that on regular smartphones, the window preview for her will always appear smaller and switching between active windows were a hassle. She liked using the Galaxy Z Flip3 for the Multi-Active Window feature as it can split the preview windows evenly. “It makes my discussions and work easier and smoother. It really makes a difference for me.”

Hardcore photography enthusiasts always rave about the biggest, maddest gears out there when it comes to photography. While they are great to have, Nadirah is confident that mobile photography can also produce great works of art. “I don’t see why not. After using the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G to take some still life photos, I must say I am very pleased with the quality. It is easy to carry around, the user interface is easy to navigate and can cater to professionals like me, the display is vibrant, and editing my pictures directly on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G saves me the time to get them ready for instant sharing on the go.”

As she commented earlier, photography is all about the content rather than obsessing about the device used to take your pictures. “I believe that if the device is good enough and able to capture whatever it is that I have pictured in mind, gets the job done, and delivered the message I intended, then it is great enough for me.”

Flip phones were captivating and exciting when they were first introduced, until the standard, flat bar designs became popular and mainstream. After that, smartphone designs stagnated, and have not improved much. “This time with the new Galaxy Z Series, I can see that Samsung has managed to revive the fun factor in flip phones! The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is not just a pretty device- it has the depths to do more than just the regular smartphones in the market. It speaks to me because I love originality, authenticity, and the freedom to express myself. The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G encapsulates all that. The new features are fun to explore, and they have made my creative journey a memorable and colourful one.”

There are no rules in visual art. No matter the methods, camera work is limitless and always evolving, and even using a smartphone, you can always make it your own. After all, it is all about producing the best results with what you have in hand, and a great smartphone can be just the answer to your creative pursuits. Take the Samsung Galaxy Z Series with you today, capture the art around you, and unfold the future of creative possibilities within your grasp! For more information on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, please visit:

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