Morning walks in the garden, commutes to work, reading books at a café and workouts can all become wonderful moments in life when your favourite music is playing. Good music experience can bring warmth and joyfulness to every little thing you do, allowing you to enjoy your day-to-day life. That is why the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 is the perfect instrument to enrich your lifestyle with its great music enhancement features for you to immerse into your own world.

If you are heading out for a walk or jog, consider playing your preferred tunes with Galaxy Buds2 during the trip! Matching your pace to catchy beats can take your dopamine levels to new heights and make you feel extra energetic during your workout. With Galaxy Buds2’s Dynamic Two-Way Speakers, the audio experience will always be perfectly balanced no matter how strenuous your workout is. At the end of it, you will be so revitalised and excited to run farther, cycle longer, and hike to the peak quicker like a walk in the park!

Playing a mixture of nostalgic songs while you travel around your familiar little hometown this holiday season will surely transport you into an intimate, heartwarming space. Thanks to the incredible Active Noise Cancelling feature that filters out 98% of noises around you, you can comfortably move about with your true wireless earbuds, with its all-time crystal-clear music quality, and indulge in the good old times. And when you feel like connecting to your surroundings, you can adjust the three levels of Ambient Sound Volume control to listen to the familiar background sounds. So, this Christmas, try skipping along the streets you used to play at and match your motions to the rhythms! It’ll be so soothing that your heart will swoon over the Galaxy Buds2.

Other than adding music to your daily routines, what else can you do to enhance your mood? The answer is to dress up! A simple act of colour-matching your clothes for a stylish look in the morning will certainly make you feel good and inspire you to escape the mundane. The Galaxy Buds2 is designed fashionably and is available in four colours- Lavender, Olive, White and Graphite, so you can elegantly play around with them and ensemble a brilliantly coordinated outfit to begin your day. Weighing at only 5 gram each, the lightweight earbuds will not interfere with your activities and will sit in your ears firmly and comfortably throughout.

With the Galaxy Buds2, you can cruise along your favourite tunes wherever you go this Merry Jolly season.From now till 2 January 2022, Samsung Malaysia Electronics is offering Bundled Gifts for this Season’s Greetings with the amazing Eco Pack deals below. So, begin your shopping now to not miss out on these fantastic holiday gifting opportunities!

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