A foldable phone is a unique device with a central hinge and two folding sides, unlike traditional smartphones with a single body. Samsung has continually enhanced the hinge mechanism in its Galaxy Z Fold series, introducing revolutionary designs with each release. Additionally, the company has consistently reduced the thickness of these phones, making them more portable and convenient.

Samsung Newsroom reflects on the evolution of the Galaxy Z Fold series, highlighting its sleek profiles and innovative hinge designs that have become thinner, sturdier, and more compact.

[2019] Galaxy Fold

The Dawn of Foldable Phones: Folding and Unfolding

  • Thickness when folded: 15.7-17.1mm
  • Thickness when unfolded: 6.9-7.6mm
  • Weight: 276g

In 2019, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold, the first device to offer a big-screen experience when unfolded and a compact form when folded. This model pioneered a new category of mobile interaction with its innovative hinge technology, allowing users to smoothly open and close the phone like a book. The Galaxy Fold’s inward-folding hinge provided robust display protection and achieved a maximum folded thickness of just 17.1mm.

[2020] Galaxy Z Fold2

The Era of Flex Mode: Hideaway Hinge and Sweeper Technology

  • Thickness when folded: 13.8-16.8mm
  • Thickness when unfolded: 6.0-6.9mm
  • Weight: 282g

The Galaxy Z Fold2, released in 2020, brought a sophisticated design with the Hideaway Hinge, which seamlessly connected the phone’s body and supported stable folding and unfolding. This hinge allowed for various angles, enabling Flex Mode for easy selfies and video calls. The innovative CAM mechanism and Sweeper Technology, inspired by vacuum cleaner brushes, protected the phone’s display from dust and debris, making the device more reliable and user-friendly.

[2021] Galaxy Z Fold3

The Solution to the Foldable Phone’s Biggest Challenge: Waterproofing

  • Thickness when folded: 14.4-16.0mm
  • Thickness when unfolded: 6.4mm
  • Weight: 271g

The Galaxy Z Fold3, launched in 2021, was the first foldable to be water-resistant, addressing a significant challenge for foldable devices. Samsung applied waterproofing technology to the outer display and hinge, using corrosion-resistant materials and a silicone-based gasket to prevent liquid entry. The use of Armor Aluminum enhanced the phone’s durability while keeping it thin and light, with a maximum folded thickness of just 16.0mm.

[2022] Galaxy Z Fold4

From Rotating to Linear: A Slimmer, Lighter Hinge

  • Thickness when folded: 14.2-15.8mm
  • Thickness when unfolded: 6.3mm
  • Weight: 263g

In 2022, the Galaxy Z Fold4 introduced a significantly lighter and thinner design. The device weighed 263 grams, nearly 20 grams less than its predecessor. The new hinge design shifted from a rotary to a linear motion, reducing weight, thickness, and the number of parts, while maintaining durability. The Galaxy Z Fold4 achieved a maximum folded thickness of 15.8mm.

[2023] Galaxy Z Fold5

Flex Hinge: The Secret to a Fully Foldable Phone

  • Thickness when folded: 13.4mm
  • Thickness when unfolded: 6.1mm
  • Weight: 253g

The Galaxy Z Fold5, unveiled in 2023, introduced the Flex Hinge, a next-generation folding mechanism that allowed the display to fold seamlessly without creases. This innovative hinge, utilizing four drive shafts and a dual rail structure, made the Galaxy Z Fold5 the lightest and thinnest device in the series, with a maximum folded thickness of 13.4mm and a weight of 253 grams.

Samsung continues to refine the Galaxy Z Fold series, leveraging precise engineering and meticulous design processes to enhance its utility. The ongoing innovation in hinge technology and device thickness has made the Galaxy Z Fold series a cornerstone of Samsung’s legacy in foldable smartphones.

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