ZeniMax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks have introduced the newest Chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), titled “Gold Road,” now available on PC and Mac. This Chapter features 30 hours of main quest content in the new zone of West Weald, an innovative Scribing system, and a captivating story with a new Daedric Prince. To celebrate the launch, an in-game event will offer players who purchase ESO: Gold Road a chance to unlock a unique in-game reward.

Update 42 Also Released

Alongside the Gold Road Chapter, Update 42 has been released as a free update for all ESO players. This update includes enhancements to in-game mail, a new Achievement for the game’s 10th anniversary, and various other improvements.

Console Release and Additional Information

The Gold Road Chapter is available now for PC and Mac and will be released for Xbox and PlayStation consoles on June 18. You can watch the ESO: Gold Road launch trailer to get a preview of the new content.

Key Features of ESO: Gold Road

  • Scribing System: This new system allows players to craft and customize their abilities with unique scripts to suit their playstyle, focusing on power, versatility, or role-playing.
  • West Weald Zone: Located along Cyrodiil’s southwest border near Valenwood and the Gold Coast, the Gold Road Chapter lets players explore West Weald, including the city of Skingrad and the Gold Road region, as well as Dawnwood. A detailed preview is available on the ESO blog.
  • New Rewards and Features: Gold Road includes new Achievements, items, and collectibles, such as Skill Styles. It also features a new 12-player group trial, Lucent Citadel, where players can explore a Daedric vault in Fargrave, face unique bosses, and discover the Arcane Knot.
  • Update 42 for All Players: This free update offers several enhancements, including an updated in-game mail system and a new Achievement celebrating ESO’s 10th anniversary. The “Adventure Across a Decade” Achievement grants the “Fractured Glory” skin for completing memorable questlines from ESO, including Gold Road. Detailed patch notes are available on the official forums.

Players can purchase the new Chapter through the ESO Store, retailers, or their preferred platform store.

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