MSI is excited to announce that the MAG A1000GL PCIE5 and MAG A850GL PCIE5 are among the first power supplies to receive the new PPLP ATX 3.0 certification.

What is PPLP Certification?

PPLP, short for “PSU Performance Level Plan,” is a certification program designed to identify and highlight outstanding, high-performance, and highly reliable power supply units in the market. This certification aims to earn consumer trust by offering a range of ratings from Bronze to Super Ti.

The dedicated team at PPLP has over a decade of experience in PC hardware testing, utilizing reliable and sophisticated equipment to ensure precise measurements. All performance tests are conducted using comprehensive Chroma instruments. PPLP focuses not only on power efficiency but also on overall power supply performance, balancing consumer demands for both.

For more information about PPLP, click here.

MSI’s Statement on PPLP Certification

James Yeh, Vice President of Research & Development at MSI, shared his thoughts on the collaboration with PPLP Lab:

“Our collaboration with PPLP Lab has brought us exceptional opportunities. They provide high-quality hardware component evaluation and offer professional testing programs in the power supply domain. Leveraging their expert test results, MSI has been able to develop power supplies that are more stable and superior. PPLP is a respected partner for us, and their testing reports provide invaluable information and assistance for MSI’s product design.”

In addition to the PPLP Gold certification, both the MAG A1000GL PCIE5 and MAG A850GL PCIE5 have also been awarded the 80 PLUS Gold and Cybenetics Gold certifications. This achievement signifies that these two power supplies have attained the highest level of recognition, earning gold certifications from all mainstream standards.

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