Dyson has launched the Supersonic Nural™ hair dryer, the latest and most intelligent addition to its hair care range, in Malaysia. Equipped with advanced Nural™ sensor technology, the Supersonic Nural™ is designed to protect scalp health and enhance hair’s natural shine by preventing heat damage, making it suitable for all hair types.

Innovative Features for Healthier Hair

“Our new Supersonic Nural™ has a time-of-flight sensor that recognizes your head and reduces the heat as it gets close to your hair, preventing heat damage to both your scalp and your hair,” said James Dyson, Founder and Chief Engineer. “Innovation only comes from investing in research and development. Our obsession to truly understand the root of the problem continues, as we build up some of the most sophisticated hair laboratories in the world.”

Scalp Protect Mode and Nural™ Sensors

The Supersonic Nural™ features a new Scalp Protect mode, which uses a network of Nural™ sensors to automatically reduce heat near the scalp, protecting it from damage. These sensors also enhance the styling experience by improving hair shine and preventing heat damage. New and improved attachments cater to all hair types and come with attachment recognition, which learns and simplifies the user’s styling preferences.

Key features of the Nural™ sensors include:

  • Scalp Protect Mode: Automatically reduces and maintains heat at 55°C, the optimal temperature for scalp comfort and drying speed. The time-of-flight sensor measures the distance between the machine and hair, making it suitable for dry, sensitive, and oily scalps.
  • Capsule Illumination: Changes color to show heat setting, with LED light indicating low (yellow), medium (orange), and high (red) heat based on the machine’s proximity to the scalp.
  • Attachment Learning: Remembers the user’s last-used heat and airflow settings for each attachment, simplifying the styling routine.
  • Pause Detect: An accelerometer detects when the machine is put down, deactivating the heater and decreasing airflow to reduce noise.
  • Fast Drying: Engineered with a motor that is six times faster for quick drying.
  • End Results: Achieves a voluminous, smooth, and shiny look with the Flyaway smoother.

New Attachments for Enhanced Styling

The Supersonic Nural™ hair dryer comes with five intelligent attachments:

  • Gentle Air Attachment: Evenly disperses airflow for fast yet gentle styling.
  • Styling Concentrator: Wider and thinner for precision styling.
  • Smoothing Nozzle: Reduces frizz for a smooth, natural look.
  • Diffuser: Improved diffusion for defined curls and waves (not compatible with Pause Detect).
  • Flyaway Smoother: The only 2-in-1 brush to smooth and hide flyaways using the Coanda effect.

Design and Technology

The Supersonic Nural™ features a clear end cap to showcase its technology and comes in bold new color palettes: Ceramic Patina and Topaz, or the Dyson Direct-exclusive Vinca Blue and Topaz. The hair dryer is available for purchase starting 27 May 2024 at a retail price of RM2,399 from Dyson Demo Stores and www.dyson.my. It includes five intelligent attachments, with additional standalone accessories also available.

“From our research into the science of hair, we know that there is a connection between the quality of hair and a healthy scalp,” said Shawn Lim, Head of Research at Dyson. “The Scalp Protect mode helps maintain scalp moisture levels, allowing for gentle drying and healthier hair.”

Dyson continues to innovate in hair care, combining advanced technology with user-centric design to deliver superior results while protecting hair and scalp health.

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