Huawei proudly unveils its first-ever HUAWEI XMAGE Global Exhibition, titled “A Heartwarming World – 12 Years of Huawei Photography,” at the Sentul Glass Pavilion, nestled within a private park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event marks the largest photography exhibition in Huawei’s history.

HUAWEI XMAGE Awards 2024 Launch

The HUAWEI XMAGE Awards 2024, an annual competition celebrating Huawei’s platform for smartphone photography excellence, was also launched during the exhibition’s opening ceremony. Now in its eighth year, the competition inspires consumers to unleash their creativity using Huawei’s leading XMAGE imaging technology, imbuing each photograph with emotional and cultural depth.

Exhibition Theme: “A Heartwarming World”

Under the theme “A Heartwarming World,” the exhibition showcases nearly 300 photographs taken by Huawei smartphones, selected from millions of submissions. These images capture moments of warmth, tranquility, and brightness from around the globe, highlighting the genuine relatability of ordinary people and encapsulating HUAWEI XMAGE’s new brand philosophy, ‘The Power of Image.’ This philosophy aims to ignite imagination and creativity, showcasing the powerful impact of supreme imaging technology and experiences.

Celebrating Mobile Photography Evolution

Over the past decade, mobile photography has evolved rapidly. This exhibition features works from Huawei smartphone series spanning the past 12 years, showcasing Huawei’s continuous innovation in mobile imaging technology. Huawei has also engaged in global activities like photography competitions, community events, and trend reports, promoting the spread of mobile photography culture worldwide.

Introducing the HUAWEI Pura Series

Building on its legacy, the HUAWEI P Series has been upgraded to the HUAWEI Pura Series. The HUAWEI Pura Series seamlessly integrates advanced photography, aesthetic design, and unique style. According to the latest DXOMARK review, the HUAWEI Pura 70 Ultra tops the DXOMARK Smartphone Camera Rankings with an impressive score of 163 points.

Push the Boundaries of Photography

The HUAWEI Pura 70 Series, featuring the revolutionary Ultra Lighting camera system and Ultra Speed Snapshot feature, allows users to capture fast-moving scenes effortlessly, turning fleeting moments into lasting memories. The Ultra Lighting Macro Telephoto Camera enhances clarity for distant landscapes and close-up details, providing unmatched image quality across the entire focal length.

Showcasing Innovation and Art

Mr. Li Changzhu, Vice President of Handsets Product Line, Huawei Consumer Business Group, shared during the opening ceremony, “Photography is a universal language, transcending barriers to capture beauty and inspire meaningful conversations. XMAGE is a global platform that encourages users worldwide to shoot, share, and record life, inspiring them to express their emotions and enjoy the fun of photography.”

Exhibition Highlights

The exhibition explores six categories: “The Secrets of Mother Nature,” “Landscapes and Spaces,” “A Dialogue with Animals,” “You and Me,” “The Power of Moments,” and “The World of Youth.” It will run from 23 to 24 May 2024, with exceptional works displayed on Huawei’s official platforms such as @HuaweiXmageAwards on Instagram, @huaweimobilemy on Instagram, X, and Facebook.

Explore with the HUAWEI Pura 70 Series

The HUAWEI Pura 70 Series redefines mobile photography, blending innovation and artistry to capture life’s moments with unparalleled clarity and depth. With its Portrait Mode powered by advanced AI algorithms, it delivers stunningly realistic results, making every moment a masterpiece.

Participate in the HUAWEI XMAGE Awards 2024

Leverage the powerful features of the HUAWEI Pura 70 Series to capture stunning images and submit your best work to the HUAWEI XMAGE Awards 2024. Celebrating the best in smartphone photography, this annual competition encourages the use of unique perspectives and unlimited creativity, giving mobile photography deeper artistic significance. The competition introduces new categories and awards, welcoming a panel of esteemed judges to select the most compelling photographic stories.

Join the Celebration

Registration for the HUAWEI XMAGE Awards 2024 is now open, with entries closing on Wednesday, 31 July 2024, at 23:59 pm. For more information and to enter the competition, please visit the HUAWEI Official Website.

Experience the magic of mobile photography with Huawei’s cutting-edge technology and be part of a global celebration of creativity and innovation.

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