Dyson has launched its latest innovation in floorcare technology, the Dyson WashG1™, designed for powerful and hygienic cleaning of hard floors over large areas. Featuring a 1-litre clean water tank, it can clean up to 290m² on a single charge. The Dyson WashG1™ combines hydration, absorption, and extraction technologies to swiftly remove wet and dry dirt and tough stains, while its unique separation technology ensures hygienic, no-touch disposal.

“Wet cleaning is a necessary chore worldwide, often falling short in stain removal, pick-up performance, and floor finish. Dyson engineers solve the problems others ignore. The Dyson WashG1™ is our first dedicated wet machine for properly and hygienically washing hard floors,” said Charlie Park, VP of Floorcare at Dyson.

Innovative Separation Technology for Hygienic Maintenance

The Dyson WashG1™ employs advanced separation technology to divide debris and dirty water at the source, facilitating hygienic disposal. Dirty water is extracted by a durable mangle, while inner brush bars remove dirt from the microfibre rollers, directing it into a removable debris tray. The tray, equipped with a 500-micron mesh, separates dirty water from larger debris. An extraction pump collects dirty water in a 0.8-litre tank, preventing large debris from passing through the machine. This design simplifies maintenance and cleaning, with large openings in the water tanks for easy access.

The machine also features a self-cleaning mode that purges both rollers with clean water at the highest boost setting, preparing the system for the next use.

High-Absorbency, Counter-Rotating Rollers

The Dyson WashG1™ is equipped with two individually powered, counter-rotating rollers. A pulse-modulated pump distributes water evenly across 26 hydration points along the rollers. Each roller, made of highly absorbent microfibre with 64,800 filaments per cm², effectively absorbs liquid spills and captures dry dirt, debris, and hair. The dual roller design ensures extended dwell time on stains for thorough and efficient cleaning.

Customised Hydration Control for Optimal Floor Finish

Owners can adjust the hydration level based on debris type, flooring, and personal preference. The Dyson WashG1™ offers low, medium, and high hydration modes, each with three sensitivity settings for fine-tuning. A separate boost mode provides maximum hydration for stubborn dirt and dried-on stains.

“Effective stain removal relies on the right balance of hydration and agitation. Our machine gives owners full control to deep clean their homes,” added Charlie Park.

Manoeuvrability and Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

The Dyson WashG1™ features two motors within each microfibre roller for edge-to-edge cleaning. The motors maintain consistent speed according to the selected hydration mode, ensuring smooth maneuverability. Adopting technology from the Dyson Omni-glide, casters provide additional balance and support, while the low cleaner head height allows easy access under furniture.

The Dyson WashG1™ is not currently available in Malaysia. Interested consumers can sign up to receive notifications about pricing and availability here.

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