Samsung, the world’s biggest TV maker for the 18th consecutive year, held its 2024 Southeast Asia Tech Seminar in Bangkok. showcasing their newest TVs, which include AI-powered technologies for better picture, sound, and customisation, from 23 – 24 April. This matches with Samsung’s mission of “Screens Everywhere, Screens for All,” which aims to provide users with industry-leading experiences.

Following a successful kickoff in Frankfurt, Germany, Samsung’s Southeast Asia Tech Seminar in Bangkok showcases their latest innovations. This includes:

  • Enhanced Neo QLED 8K TVs: These TVs include a more powerful AI engine with eight times the neural networks, resulting in crisper graphics with features such as enhanced upscaling and smoother motion.
  • Glare-Free OLED TVs: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) has approved Samsung’s new OLED TVs, which upscale content to spectacular 4K quality and incorporate innovative anti-glare technology for a distraction-free viewing experience.
  • Music Frame: This creative lifestyle product combines a picture frame with a built-in speaker, allowing you to personalise your area with images and high-quality sound.
  • Enhanced Security: Samsung TVs now have Samsung Knox, a security system that has achieved “Common Criteria” certification in 31 countries. This improves television security mechanisms for both software and hardware.
Kevin Cha (left), Picture Quality Solution Lab at Samsung Electronics, explains that AI-backed features such as 8K AI upscaling pro are powered by a new and powerful NQ8 AI Gen3 processor to the 2024 Neo QLED 8K

“We are extremely excited to share Samsung’s key AI TV technologies at the Tech Seminar,”
said Yongjae Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.
“We are not only showcasing the latest technologies that make our TVs stand out, but also our real efforts to better serve customers and our focus on protecting their information.”

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▲ Samsung Electronics has received a CC certification for 10 consecutive years since first applying Samsung Knox, the industry’s best security solution, to its TV products in 2015
▲ Andrew Sohn (left), Picture Quality Solution Lab at Samsung Electronics, shows off Samsung’s AI engine that can instantly optimize picture and sound quality based on the game or genre being played
▲ According to Kevin Cha (right), Picture Quality Solution Lab at Samsung Electronics, the 2024 Samsung OLED features Glare free technology to deliver a comfortable viewing experience

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