The Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus is one of the recent unveiling that takes in some of the latest features in the cleanliness technology that is designed for home and of course, small office as well.

We will be testing and taking in a review on this, as well as what is our view along with a summary of what is our experience and features of this new vacuum cleaner.

Unboxing Content

Design & Functionality

As a vacuum cleaner, the Bespoke Jet Plus inherit most of the previous version design that integrates a few good stuffs under the sleeve. First of is the versatility, where the version that we had in this review is the most basic version of it, alternatively there is also the premium version and the premium extra version, both of which includes the Spray Spinning Sweeper that allows for additional effectiveness in cleaning in a broader radius. The standard version only has the Jet Dual Brush which is highly suitable for small to medium size home and whether it is marble type floor or carpets, it works decently and works in a straightforward manner.

It does includes a standard docking station for charging the vacuum cleaner. The battery pack will last you for one hour when fully charged and recharging back will take around 3.5 hours, which in my view, it is pretty decent and given the one hour of usage time, you should be able to accomplish your cleaning task within time. Should you need more, the battery pack can be swapped and you can also get additional battery pack from Samsung’s outlet or Samsung’s Online store. Touching on the subject of the station, it also acts as a empty and charge station, meaning that when it’s charging, it will automatically empties the dustbin. According to the specs, the filtration system traps 99.999% of fine dust, and it also shuts the cover after emptying.

Performance and Usage

It is a very simple process, all you got to do is set everything up with the charging station, slot in the battery to the vacuum cleaner and start things up. Oh yes, remember to put in the dust bag inside the cleaner well, there should be one more spare in the box. There is only 3 buttons, Power, Plus and Minus, so its not that hard to even start with. All you need to do is Power it up, and ready to clean up. If you needed to increase the suction speed, just toggle with the Plus and Minus button, and it varies from Low, Mid, High and Jet mode, by using the Min mode, it will last you about 30 minutes, while setting it to Jet will last you about 8 minutes. Oh yes, there is also a white LED which is an advantage on low light area and able to reflect on dust and dirt on the floor effectively. The standard LED brush should do most of the job just fine, but if you need more of it, there is additional tools and extensions, flexible tool and pet tool that you can use according to your cleaning conditions and environment.

Once you are done, just dock it back to the station and it will start charging, there is a start/stop button you can press and it will transfer whatever is in the suction storage towards the station’s dust bag in front which can be removed and replaced, or clearing the dust and contents if you wanted to. The dust bag is pretty big and should last any user at least few rounds before requiring a new dust bag replacement. Additionally there is also a filter below which you can take it out and replace it as and when needed. All this is done from the same inverter motor from the main unit responsible for cleaning, dusting and transferring back to the dust back just by the single motor.

Technical Specifications

Max Consumption Power580 W
Suction Power210 W
Running TimeUp to 60min per battery
Dust Collection TypeMulti Cyclone, 0.5L
Charging Time210 min
AccessoryPet Tool+
Combination Tool
Extension Crevice Tool
Flexible Tool
Accessory Cradle
Weight6.4 kg

Verdict & Conclusion


The Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus sets an efficient way for cleaning small to medium households and office with just a few touch that is crucial, yet simplified for today’s modern day of how we clean up our house. The price may be on the higher side, but given how versatile and easy it is to operate, it’s set as a good companion for most of your floor cleaning needs in a package and any additional parts or dust bags, batteries can also be purchased from any Samsung Authorized Outlet, Stores and Samsung Online store.

The Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus is now available from RM3999, for more information, click here to find out

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