Samsung Electronics is gearing up to unveil an unprecedented array of innovative projects from its C-Lab program at CES 2024, slated to run from January 9 to 12. The company plans to present 15 startups and projects at Eureka Park in Las Vegas, a key exhibition space for startups at the prestigious tech event. This represents the largest number of features ever showcased by Samsung at CES, underscoring the brand’s commitment to fostering technological breakthroughs.

Anticipated to host over 1,000 startups and attract more than 130,000 global visitors, CES 2024 provides a platform for startups from the C-Lab program to gauge market responses, enhance business feasibility, and connect with potential investors. Since its inception in 2012, the C-Lab program has seen Samsung nurture a total of 872 startups and projects, with 537 C-Lab startups raising an impressive cumulative investment of $1 billion.

C-Lab Outside: Diverse Innovations

Ten startups from the C-Lab Outside program, initiated in October 2018, will be featured at CES. This program provides selected startups with comprehensive support, including office spaces, tailored development programs, and investment. Among these startups is Dr.Tail, an online veterinary consultation service that has collaborated with Samsung Electronics to extend its services to Samsung Smart TVs, set to be available on devices released in the U.S. from 2024.

Notable startups from C-Lab Outside include:

  • RebuilderAI: AI solutions for streamlined 3D content creation on smartphones.
  • Ghost Pass: Decentralized remote biometric authentication solutions.
  • DEEPX: An NPU-based AI semiconductor.
  • Style Bot: A fashion recommendation service utilizing user-owned clothing data.
  • Vsion: A smart window with adjustable transparency.
  • DolbomDream: A smart, inflatable jacket for monitoring the health of senior citizens.
  • 60Hertz: An AI-powered virtual power plant (VPP) solution.
  • Wrtn Technologies: A generative AI portal service.
  • NdotLight: A web-based collaborative 3D design platform.

“We are excited to be part of C-Lab’s high-profile startup booth at Eureka Park,” said Sunkwan Lee, CEO of Ghost Pass. “Thanks to the support of Samsung C-Lab, we won the CES Innovation Award this year, which I think makes this year’s CES a good opportunity for us to take a step toward going global.”

C-Lab Inside and C-Lab Spin-off Showcases

Samsung will also feature two C-Lab Inside projects from in-house employees:

  • ID.EARS: A healthcare platform analyzing brain waves captured by earbuds.
  • DumboCam: A pet training platform utilizing Vision AI.

Additionally, three C-Lab Spin-off startups, initially C-Lab Inside projects, will showcase their innovations at CES 2024:

  • Yellosis: Smart toilets and AI healthcare solutions based on the measurement of liquid body waste.
  • Becon: AI-powered hair loss management solutions.
  • Goose Labs: A metaverse home workout app with real-time motion-sensing avatars.

In a significant achievement, C-Lab startups secured 23 CES 2024 Innovation Awards, with STUDIO LAB, a startup spun off in 2021, winning the CES Innovation Award. STUDIO LAB’s products include Seller Canvas, an AI-based commerce detail page automation service, and Photo-bot, an automated commerce photography robot that combines AI and robotics. Notable mentions include Yellosis and DEEPX, receiving Innovation Awards in three categories each. Yellosis specializes in digital health, while DEEPX is the first AI semiconductor company to win Innovation Awards in three categories, including Embedded technology, Robotics, and Computer hardware & components.

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