The camera is very fond of Generation Z. Other generations may have developed the selfie, but Gen Zs have mastered it in their carefree style of breaking the conventions and being their real selves. Samsung is teaming with Taylor’s University to reveal all of Gen Z’s sides by recording unique group photos in numerous 360-degree perspectives using the Flex360 app on the Galaxy Z Flip5.

From September 19-21, Samsung will roll into Lakeside Campus with the Flex360 Bus, where students can get their hands on a Galaxy Z Flip5, enjoy FlexCam, hands-free photography, and 360 perspectives to make every side their good side. They may redeem unique brand cooperation goods from Chuck’s, Dmeow, and PMC by following @galaxyspacemy and @oatside and uploading selfies to Instagram.

Meanwhile, students who enroll in the Samsung Student Offer Program will receive exclusive discounts and perks. There will also be a Gaming Corner where players can redeem product tickets after completing a game. Furthermore, with the Samsung Watch6 Series, students may obtain a free health evaluation that measures their blood pressure, ECG, and body composition.

To encourage their young brains, Samsung is hosting a discussion by a PMC representative who will share insights on the company’s past as well as brand creation strategies.

What’s Flexing on Campus

19 & 20  September9am – 4pmRegister for Samsung’s Purchase Program to enjoy special discounts and offers.Jump aboard the Flex360 Bus to capture every angle and redeem exclusive brand collaboration merchandise.Complete a game at the Gaming Corner to win product vouchers for their next purchase.
21 September9am – 4pmJoin the Health Assessment and get a free ice-cream.
10am – 11amSamsung inspirational talk by a representative from PMC on brand legacy and brand building.

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The Samsung Student Offer Program is open to all students. To register, visit:

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