Alienware designs each new generation of desktop with advances that improve the gaming experience. With the release of the redesigned Alienware Aurora R16, Alienware is building on the success of the Aurora R15 by introducing acoustic and thermal enhancements, as well as a new space-saving design, while maintaining the superior gaming performance players expect from Alienware.

Here’s what the Aurora R16 is able to accomplish:

  • Optimised airflow: on average 20% quieter system, up to 10% lower CPU and 6% lower GPU temperatures.
  • Space-saving: Up to a ~40% decrease in total volume than the R15, while internal volume remains unchanged at 25.2L.
  • Versatile aesthetic: universal design that fits into more diverse environments.

All these benefits are attributed to a streamlined design language, titled Legend 3, which arrives in desktop form for the first time on Aurora R16.         

Pushing for a more simple, efficient design   

Aurora R16’s designers and engineers have devised a strategy to fulfill two primary goals:

  1. Improve airflow efficiency to enable a quieter and cooler system while meeting performance targets.
  2. Continue to investigate the Future Legend’s minimalist approach is complemented with a design that is simplified, optimized, and customer-focused.

The oval lighting loop, sometimes known as a Stadium loop, exhibited on the left side of the Aurora R16 is the first thing customers notice when gazing at it. This is the desktop’s visual focus; the main attraction meant to draw attention. The Stadium loop follows the principal vent’s perimeter. This vent has a wider air inlet than the previous version, which allows for more efficient ventilation, and the Stadium loop lighting pays respect to the Alienware Legend legacy.

Alienware made the Aurora’s side the new focus point with the Stadium loop and the option of a transparent side panel. To put it another way, the desktop is meant to be viewed from the side. This new perspective aided in the design’s general simplicity, reducing the overall volume, and channeling more airflow via the front intake. This enhancement, together with bigger side and top vents and modifications to internal cable management, resulted in airflow efficiency that allow for a quieter and cooler desktop.

Punching above its weight class

Because of all of the airflow optimizations, the Aurora R16 equals or exceeds the performance of its predecessor with identical settings while sporting a substantially smaller design. With configuration possibilities that will appeal to a larger spectrum of gamers, the R16 will not only be a tempting upgrade, but also for many an introduction to the Aurora experience.

Alienware will release new GPUs and CPUs over time based on their demanding quality and certification procedures. The organization’s initial focus will be on delivering the most popular options and then growing from there. So, gamers who are thrilled about Aurora R16’s design, acoustic, and thermal advantages but prefer the enthusiast level performance given by flagship cards will be pleased to find that R16 is set to become Alienware’s most powerful desktop by the end of the year.

New Alienware Command Center 6.0

The Aurora R16 is Alienware’s first desktop to include the new Alienware Command Center, a centralized interface that allows gamers to rapidly access settings like game-specific profiles and themes, lighting, macros, audio, and more – all of which are important to the gaming experience. Gamers may pick from 16.7 million colors spread over three lighting zones, which they can expand and preserve across their Alienware environment for a seamless, personalized experience suited to each individual’s preferences.

Price and availability

The Alienware Aurora R16 will be arriving in Malaysia soon, priced at RM10,599 with specs listed below.

  • Intel i7 Processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • NVIDIA RTX™ 4070
  • Windows 11 Home
  • 500W air cool Dark clear
  • 2Yrs Premium Support

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