MSI is pleased to present the newest graphics card lineup, which includes the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 graphics processors. NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4060 Ti will be offered in 16GB and 8GB configurations, giving gamers options to meet their needs. With the newest graphics technology, high-performance circuit board design, and sophisticated cooling, the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 GPU-based models in the GAMING TRIO, GAMING, VENTUS 3X, and VENTUS 2X BLACK series promise unrivaled performance for gamers, creators, and professionals.

The latest MSI GeForce RTX 4060 series graphics cards are designed to provide exceptional performance for mainstream gamers and producers at 1080P resolution at 100 frames per second with Ray Tracing and DLSS 3. The GeForce RTX 4060 product series incorporates all of NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace architecture’s innovations, including DLSS 3 neural rendering, third-generation ray-tracing capabilities at high frame rates, and an eighth generation NVIDIA Encoder (NVENC) with AV1 encoding.


The GAMING TRIO and GAMING series have a well-known and recognizable design while keeping the superb combination of performance, cooling, and low noise that gamers have come to expect. The TORX Fan 5.0 design incorporates two sets of three fan blades joined by an outer link to form a rim that directs airflow into the improved TRI FROZR 3 and TWIN FROZR 9 cooling systems. Both series are strengthened by a brushed-metal backplate with a flow-through design to eliminate trapped heat. Furthermore, Mystic Light adorns the graphics card’s outside, lighting color in tune with the rest of the PC through Mystic Light tune and Ambient Link.


The VENTUS series is a dependable and cost-effective solution for gamers looking for a price-performance-focused strategy. The VENTUS 3X and VENTUS 2X BLACK stick to the fundamentals in their Spartan design concept. The graphics cards have the award-winning TORX Fan 4.0, a reinforced backplate, and a well-rounded appearance appropriate for any setup. Furthermore, the new VENTUS 2X BLACK cards have an all-new dark exterior form of the original that works well with sneaky dark themed setups.


The new MSI GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB series cards are expected to be available starting May 24th, 2023.

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