ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) is announcing the ROG Ally, an extraordinarily powerful new Windows 11 gaming portable. The Ally, which is powered by an advanced AMD Ryzen Z1 series CPU, can easily play AAA and independent titles. A bright, high-refresh-rate touchscreen guarantees that gamers can view their material well even while playing outside. The Ally is simple to carry and manage all day because to its lightweight 608 g construction and ergonomic handholds.

AMD-powered performance

With an entirely new purpose-built APU, an AMD Ryzen Z1 series CPU, and RDNA 3 graphics. The ROG Ally is designed to provide hitherto unseen levels of mobile gaming performance. The Ally allows gamers to experience both lighter independent titles and more visually heavy AAA games. All of this is made possible by ROG’s Zero Gravity thermal technology, which employs a dual-fan system with ultrathin heatsink fins and high-friction heat pipes to keep the Ally cool in any angle.

With a 120 Hz FHD (1080p) screen that supports FreeSync Premium, gamers will experience superior motion clarity in fast-paced games, with no tearing or stuttering in the case of an FPS decrease. The display also boasts a maximum brightness of 500 nits, allowing gamers to keep track of the action in more difficult conditions such as the great outdoors. When players need to change settings or install their next game, this touchscreen also enables for easy navigation of the Windows desktop.

Full Windows 11 gaming

Because the ROG Ally runs Windows 11, gamers can access all of their publisher libraries and game streaming services from a single device. The Ally can push players to triumph no matter where the latest and best titles are accessible. Navigating the Windows desktop is a fluid experience, whether using the Ally’s joysticks and buttons or Windows’ strong touchscreen capabilities.
With the ROG Ally, a Special Edition of Armoury Crate makes its debut, customised with easy performance mode toggles, a game launcher, in-game monitoring software, Aura Sync support, and more. ROG is also included a 90-day trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which gives gamers fast access to hundreds of amazing games from Xbox Games and independent companies.

Design that is both ergonomic and lightweight

ROG engineers tirelessly refined and iterated the ROG Ally’s form and weight until they were confident that they had made the ideal computer to carry and play all day. With a weight of only 608 grammes, the Ally will never be a burden in a gamer’s bag or hands, allowing for hours of uninterrupted and pleasant gameplay.
The Ally’s ergonomics continue with its handgrips, which have distinctive triangular texturing on the back to provide gamers with a firm grip from any angle. ROG design lines cover the palm side of the grip, reducing any unintentional slippage.

Details of Launch and Availability

The formal ROG Ally launch will take place on May 11, 2023. Please stay tuned for additional information on the full specifications and price. The keynote will begin at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time (14:00 GMT), and will be followed by a panel discussion with Shawn Yen, Product Management Director of ASUS’ Gaming Business Unit, Roanne Sones, CVP, Head of Xbox Hardware, and Frank Azor, Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions and Gaming Marketing from AMD, to discuss the ROG Ally’s design story and its impact on the gaming landscape.

To access the ROG Ally event site, please visit:

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