It is only not too long a way till the actual launch of the realme C55, and there is top reasons why realme does that, with that we are able to find out from realme from their ‘Golden Triangle’ strategies on why this phone may pave and lead the way as the choice for the mass public on how this phone shaped to be.

The ‘Leap to Champion’ Concept

In order to position its C Series as “Leap To Champion,” realme verified strategic upgrades to the line. At least one market-leading feature in the areas of camera, storage, charging, and design is promised by these updates. The realme C55, which features the largest upgrades in the history of the C Series, is the first product to receive these upgrades.

The realme C55 iconic features

The 64MP camera on the realme C55, the only one in its segment, is one of the device’s most remarkable features. In other words, users don’t need to shell out a fortune for a high-end smartphone to take incredibly detailed and high-quality pictures. Additionally, the camera offers a variety of AI-powered modes and filters that enable users to quickly and easily capture beautiful pictures.

With a 54% bigger sensor size and a 19.6% larger pixel size than our previous version, you get more details, better clarity, and additional pop which is awesome for those who wanted to edit it further with your favorite picture editing apps.

Another notable inclusion is the Bokeh Flare Portrait which specify and separate the foreground and background which makes the focused images sharper, brighter with good level picture grade quality which you can show off and upload quickly to social media.

With 256GB of internal storage, the realme C55 provides the most storage space in the market. As a result, users don’t have to worry about running out of storage space while storing all of their pictures, videos, and apps. Additionally, the device allows microSD cards up to 1TB for those who require even more storage. To put it simply, more to store and more apps in the phone but you will still enjoy fast loading speed and lightning speed app switching.

The fastest fast-charging times in the market are another outstanding aspect of the realme C55. Users can power their phones from 0% to 100% in just 65 minutes thanks to the device’s support for 33W fast charging. Other devices in the same segment, which frequently require much lengthier charging times, are significantly worse than this and the realme C55 can last you a whole working day without much of a sweat and with fast charging, you are in the game in no time.

The realme C55 also stands out from competing products in the market thanks to its avant-garde Sunshower design. The gadget has a distinctive gradient finish that alters colour based on angle and illumination, giving it a high-end appearance and feel. The gadget is lightweight and thin, making it comfortable to carry and use, yet stand out from the rest when you are socializing with your friends & family.

The realme C55 Mini Capsule

Presenting the Mini Capsule, the newest Android phone with a dynamic island design reminiscent of Apple’s. Users can quickly and easily check their phone without unlocking it thanks to the innovative phone design’s small, circular section that shows notifications and important information. The Mini Capsule is the ideal phone for those who want the ease of Apple’s Dynamic Island and the adaptability of Android thanks to its sleek and contemporary design, a distinctive addition that gives you a summarize info before even tapping it for more.

So what’s the benefit by using the realme C55 ?

To summarize, the realme C55 is a choice for user that loves the unique fresh design and color, the Sunshower design that illuminate under brightness outside, while taking clear, high quality photos over the 64MP camera with bokeh effect that makes your pictures stands out over your Instagram. While sipping a cup of coffee the Mini Capsule notifies you on what’s important to look at and quickly attends to your work, scrolling thru with a large 6.72 inch 90Hz fast refresh rate display while downloading your favorite game and apps over a large 256GB storage, one of the generous big space within the segment and its game on!. This will likely last you the whole day with 5000MaH battery capacity and by end of the day charging it back is quick with the inclusion on the SuperVOOC 33W charger, and off you go on your next adventure ahead. It is a well-rounded smartphone that provides an outstanding user experience at a low cost. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone and want one with the most up-to-date features, the realme C55 is an excellent choice.

How do I get more information on the realme C55 ?

realme C55 launch is coming soon, on the 28th of March, and there is a contest for it as below.


Here’s your chance to WIN a back a realme 10 Smartphone

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Step 4 : Stay until the end….

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