At Mobile World Congress 2023, HONOR revealed “Tech to Inspire,” its new human-centric approach to technology. During the event, HONOR also revealed the global debut of the successful HONOR Magic Series line-up, which is set to provide consumers worldwide with a genuine flagship smartphone experience.

“Committed to addressing the real needs of customers, HONOR adopts a human-centric approach to product innovation, offering intuitive technology solutions to improve the daily lives of everyone.

 “The HONOR Magic5 Pro, our latest flagship all-rounder, and the HONOR Magic Vs, our first foldable flagship to be launched in the global market, push industry benchmarks in every aspect of smartphone user experience, in line with our visions to enable a smarter life for everyone.” said George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co, Ltd.

The Flagship HONOR Magic5 Pro is now available.

The all-around premium HONOR Magic5 Pro features remarkable advances in design, display, photos, and speed, topping several industry standards to deliver a best-in-class user experience.

Top position in the DXOMARK Smartphone Display Ranking: Symmetrical Design Featuring a Quad-Curved Floating Screen

HONOR Magic5 Pro pays homage to Antoni Gaudi with symmetry dual-curved both sides ultra-narrow bezels and Star Wheel Triple Camera Design sitting as the centrepiece on the back cover, blending beautiful curves found in natural landscapes and modern architecture into the design of the cutting-edge devices, demonstrating the harmonious combination of art and technology.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro’s 6.81-inch LTPO Display with Quad-Curved Floating Screen ensures an immersive watching experience whether users are perusing, gaming, or reading. The HONOR Magic5 Series, equipped with a Novel Display Luminance Enhancement Technology, delivers brightness levels of up to 1800nits, ensuring clear visuals in bright sunlight, and Dual-Luminance Calibration for typical 120nits indoor brightness and 800nits outdoor brightness, providing the best display colour accuracy.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro has minimal blue light emissions, as verified by TÜV Rheinland, and Dynamic Dimming, which mimics natural light to relieve eye tiredness. Other eye-pleasing features include Circadian Night Display for better sleep quality and an industry-first LTPO display with 2160Hz Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Dimming technology to reduce screen blurring, ideal for those who spend extended hours in front of their smartphone.

Unrivaled Photography and Videography Capabilities

The HONOR Magic5 Pro has risen to the top of the DXOMARK Smartphone Camera Ranking, thanks to its strong Star Wheel Triple Camera combo and AI-powered upgraded HONOR Image Engine. The HONOR Magic5 Pro includes a powerful Triple Main Camera combination of a 50MP Wide Camera, a 50MP Ultra Wide Camera, and a 50MP Telephoto Camera, providing an outstanding photographic experience. The camera system takes pictures with fine detail every time, regardless of lighting conditions, thanks to an expanded sensor capacity for better light detecting performance. Ultra Fusion Computational Optics, a computational optical algorithm that works in tandem with the camera system to enhance picture sharpness at 3.5x-100x magnification, distinguishes the device from other smartphones on the market.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro features an all-new Millisecond Falcon Capture algorithm and the all-new HONOR Image Engine, allowing users to record complicated images with surprising simplicity and clarity. Users can also photograph low-light situations clearly and quickly with Super Night Capture features. Furthermore, the HONOR Magic5 Series includes AI Motion Sensing Capture, which is capable of identifying the greatest point of leap and recording the picture in ultra-high resolution. HONOR has been designated the Guinness World Records smartphone partner to film an official world record attempt for the World’s Highest Between-The-Leg Slam Dunk to put the technology to the test.

The HONOR Magic5 Series includes IMAX Enhanced Movie Master, which allows users to display and modify spectacular movies on their smartphone.

Improved Safety and Security for All-Round Security

The HONOR Magic5 Pro comes with a Dual-TEE Security System co-developed with Qualcomm, which provides hardware-level data security. The HONOR Magic5 Series, which includes a Discrete Security Chipset, offers optimal protection for passwords and biometrics such as facial Identities and fingerprints.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro brings an industry-first Sound Energy Spatial Control Technology, which creates opposites sound waves to prevent sound leakage for private phone conversations, bringing appealing improvements to AI Privacy Call 2.0, HONOR’s innovative solution to sound leakage. While providing a 100% increase in call loudness for a better conversation experience, AI Privacy Call 2.0 guarantees that people nearby cannot clearly hear the caller’s voice even if the user is in a congested but calm environment such as an elevator.

Cutting-edge Technology Enables Elite Performance

The HONOR Magic5 Pro, powered by the latest Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, provides unrivalled flagship performance, allowing improved work and entertainment at all times. The HONOR Magic5 Pro features the industry’s first Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standalone antenna architecture, which enhances Wi-Fi performance by 200% and lowers Wi-Fi delay by 30% when compared to conventional antenna designs, giving users maximum freedom and mobility for work and play.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro supports 66W Ethernet and 50W Cordless HONOR SuperCharge and comes with a massive 5100mAh battery for a full day of continuous use.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro, which runs the newest MagicOS 7.1 built on Android 13, provides a variety of smart features, such as MagicRing for multi-device collaboration and Magic Text for intelligent text recognition, to help users enhance their efficiency.

Bringing the HONOR Magic Vs Foldable Phone to the Global Market

The HONOR Magic Vs, HONOR’s first folding flagship to be released outside of China, features exceptional design, display, and performance upgrades, elevating the foldable smartphone experience to new heights. The devices are the ideal companion for jet-setting businesspeople as well as those who prioritise mobile amusement above all else. They provide the ultimate blend of style and substance.

A Groundbreaking Pivot Design Combines Robustness and Portability

The HONOR Magic Vs is extremely thin and light, measuring only 12.9mm thin when folded and weighing 267g. Despite its small size, the HONOR Magic Vs has a 5000mAh battery, the biggest battery capacity among folding smartphones under 270g on the market today.

A revolutionary Super-light Gearless Hinge meticulously made using single-piece casting technology contributes to the HONOR Magic Vs’s light weight, reducing the number of structural components from 92 in the previous version to just 4. The hinge can endure up to 400,000 folds as evaluated by TÜV Rheinland, which equates to more than ten years of use based on 100 folds per day, establishing a new standard for folding smartphone design.

The HONOR Magic Vs folds closely without a gap and has an almost completely flat screen when unfurled, a trait that rival folding devices on the market do not offer.

Dual Display Delivers an Exceptional Viewing Experience

The HONOR Magic Vs has a user-friendly 6.45-inch external display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a 90% screen-to-body ratio to help increase work to the utmost. When unfurled, the HONOR Magic Vs provides a tablet-like experience with an extra-wide 7.9-inch internal display, allowing users to multi-task and watch content with ease.

To successfully minimise the impacts of digital eye strain and fatigue, the HONOR Magic Vs includes Dynamic Dimming, Circadian Night Display, and 1920Hz Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Dimming, the highest frequency ever attained in the current foldable smartphone marketplaces.

Superior Configurations for a Powerful User Experience

The HONOR Magic Vs features an amazing back triple camera system that includes a 54MP IMX800 Main Camera, a 50MP Ultra-Wide & Marco Main Camera, and an 8MP 3X Optical Zoom Camera, providing an exceptional photography experience regardless of the shooting situation.

The HONOR Magic Vs, powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 8+Gen 1 Mobile Platform, provides improved speed with better battery economy for a faster and smoother user experience. HONOR’s Turbo X motors aim to provide you with an extended battery life and a better experience.

The HONOR Magic Vs uses the most recent HONOR MagicOS 7.1, which is built on Android 13. In addition to HONOR Connect for multi-device cooperation and Magic Text for intelligent text detection, the foldable flagship includes Smart Multi-window and APP Extender for multi-tasking across and within apps, respectively, to help users save time and accomplish more in life.

Color, Pricing and Availability

The HONOR Magic5 Pro is available in Black and Meadow Green, while the HONOR Magic5 is available in Black and Blue, all influenced by the wonders of nature.

The HONOR Magic5 Series will be released in the second quarter of 2023. The HONOR Magic 5 will cost €899 (8GB+256GB), while the HONOR Magic 5 Pro will cost €1199 (12GB+512GB).

The HONOR Magic Vs will be available in two striking colorways: Cyan and Black, with a beginning price of €1599. The availability date will be revealed in due order.

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