• Low-cost, transparent and accessible way to transfer money to UK and 34 countries in Europe

BigPay, a Southeast Asian fintech startup, has expanded its international remittance service to include 38 additional nations: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales in the United Kingdom, as well as 34 countries in Europe, including France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Spain.

BigPay’s financial inclusion approach is based on providing a low-cost, transparent, and accessible method of moving money overseas via their mobile application. The inclusion of the United Kingdom and European countries to its remittance feature is critical in further democratising money movement across a brand-new region.

Despite the pandemic, BigPay’s international remittance services saw double-digit growth since their initial September 2019 launch. With BigPay, customers may send money straight to bank accounts in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Australia without paying any additional costs.

Salim Dhanani, CEO & Co-Founder of BigPay shares: “BigPay leverages technology to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of sending money abroad for its users. We are ensuring that it is affordable, convenient and transparent for users to transfer money abroad – whether it is to send money home to loved ones, to university bills or for overseas purchases. BigPay will continue to expand the remittance feature and will soon have the ability to accept incoming transfers from anywhere in the world with the best exchange rates.”

Senders only need to choose the amount to send, the country, and the recipient’s banking info to conduct an international bank transfer to the United Kingdom and 34 other European nations using the BigPay app. For a limited time only, BigPay is providing free international transfers to Europe and the UK.

Driving financial access and wellbeing has been a primary goal and objective of BigPay ever since it was founded in 2017. The company aims to broaden its services and launch new financial products throughout Southeast Asia in addition to assisting over 3 million people improve their financial health. BigPay most recently introduced its Cash Pickup service, which lets senders choose to have their recipients receive remittances in cash at more than 14,000 pick-up sites in Indonesia and the Philippines.

To view full list of countries in Europe available under BigPay’s remittance feature, please visit: https://www.bigpayme.com/post/you-can-now-send-money-to-the-united-kingdom-and-europe- with-bigpay

For more information, visit the BigPay website at www.bigpayme.com.

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