• LG’s Distinctive Lifestyle TVs and Extraordinary Interior Design from Moooi
  • Come Together in Sophisticated Showcase at Milan’s Annual Celebration of Creativity

LG Electronics (LG) will unveil its latest lifestyle OLED TVs, the LG OLED Objet Collection, Easel (65Art90), and Posé (LX1), during this year’s Milan Design Week’s Salone dei Tessuti. LG has collaborated with premium Dutch lifestyle brand Moooi to demonstrate a fashionable, modern living solution for the event. The resulting collaboration, which embraces Moooi’s unique ‘A Life Extraordinary’ exhibition concept, combines the excellent mix of LG’s newest lifestyle TVs and Moooi’s outstanding design products. LG OLED Objet Collection, representing an exciting new approach for TV, is set to bolster LG’s growing reputation as a leading lifestyle innovator.

LG OLED Objet Collection, Easel (65Art90) provides the superior picture quality expected of an LG OLED TV as well as an effortlessly elegant style that can elevate any home interior. The TV, as the name implies, resembles an easel used for painting or displaying art; an ideal form factor for showcasing the magnificent colours and contrast of LG’s self-lit display technology. Easel also includes a moveable fabric cover that is controlled by the TV remote. When Line View is chosen, the cover slides up, lowering the amount of screen visible and giving users access to useful features and modes such as Date & Clock and audio player.

The new, artistically-inspired model, like LG’s previous premium 2022 OLED TVs, utilises LG OLED Evo technology to produce astonishingly lifelike images and an immersive, cinematic viewing experience. LG OLED Evo enhances the ability of the TV’s self-lit pixels to deliver superior clarity, detail, contrast, and colour when combined with LG’s cutting-edge picture algorithms and the 9 Gen5 AI Processor. With an 80W, 4.2-channel sound system, the sophisticated TV also provides rich, powerful audio, making the living room seem more like a movie theatre. LG’s unique, the new product boasts a subtle, modern aesthetic that adds value to one’s living environment, thanks to fabric elements – including the moveable cover – made by innovative Danish textile company, Kvadrat.

LG OLED Objet Collection, Posé (LX1), which has a slim, elegant design that fits seamlessly with any room’s décor and the user’s lifestyle, is also new to LG’s Lifestyle TV lineup. Posé, which has been carefully developed to meet customers’ wants and ideals, is the ideal choice for those seeking for a TV that takes their daily routine and experience into consideration.

Posé has gently curved edges and a soothing, muted beige colour, like a high-end furniture item or art object. Posé’s striking beauty may be seen from any angle of view thanks to its aesthetically pleasing design that matches any décor. Because of an excellent cable management system that minimises clutter while fostering a clean and tidy area at all times, the advanced model eliminates the frustration of having to see or deal with messy cables.

In addition to looking good from any angle, the TV has stunning OLED Evo image quality that maintains flawlessly consistent when seen from virtually any angle. When not viewing movies or shows, Posé can be set to Gallery mode, allowing users to display artwork or images on LG’s self-lit digital canvas, transforming their home into a polished art gallery.

“Reflecting our leadership in the OLED TV market, unrivaled expertise in cutting-edge display and processing technologies, and deep understanding of consumers’ needs, the new Lifestyle Screen lineup delivers extraordinary experiences and exquisite design,” said Park Hyoung-sei, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company.

“These distinctive TVs set themselves apart from conventional TVs with their unique form factors and finishes, and will likely appeal to consumers who understand and appreciate the value of genuine innovation.”

LG’s latest Lifestyle Screen products will be on display from 7 to 12 June at the Salone dei Tessuti in Milan, Italy. The Easel (65-inch screen size) and Posé (55-, 48-, and 42-inch screen resolution) will be available in Europe and other select markets starting in the third quarter of this year.

Visitors to the LG/Moooi booth can also expect to hear great sound and see unique designs like the LG Eclair soundbar (model QP5) and the LG XBOOM 360 speaker (model RP4).

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