Taking mum out to her favourite restaurant for a delicious meal or buying her that magnificent handbag she’s been eyeing is both excellent Mother’s Day present ideas. Mum, on the other hand, deserves to be lavished with affection every day, even in subtle ways like leveraging technology to ease her hectic work and home life.

While digital devices and home appliances are ubiquitous in our lives, it is essential that they work seamlessly and intuitively within our daily routines. This is where Samsung’s SmartThings app comes in: it can easily control and share insights on connected devices, enhancing work and life for mum and the rest of the family both inside and outside the home.

Read on to find out how Samsung’s SmartThings app and smart devices can make mum’s busy daily life easier.

Always be in (Remote) Control

When mum is at the office, SmartThings allows her to focus on her work while the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ starts its vacuum run at home. Mum will be able to control the Samsung home appliances with a tap of her finger or voice control via her virtual assistant, Bixby, on her Samsung Galaxy smartphone after linking them to SmartThings.

SmartThings also allows mum to check device status, such as how the wash cycle on the AI Ecobubble™  washing machine is progressing, and sends a notification to her phone when the laundry is completed, allowing her to continue working on that proposal or observing her favourite Netflix drama without having to linger near the washing machine.

To make things even easier, SmartThings allows devices to be allocated to certain rooms, keeping everything in line. Are the lights turned off in the living room or study? Mum may now check and control the lighting in any room without leaving her bed.

Simplify and Automate Daily Routines

To keep things going well at home, managing a household necessitates a lot of planning and organising, as well as sticking to regular patterns. Mum may arrange household appliances to automatically activate at specified times by adding compatible smart devices to the SmartThings app, resulting in less tasks for her to manually keep track of.

Do you enjoy waking up to the sun coming through your window and listening to a good playlist? SmartThings routines can help in opening smart motorised curtains and turning on the Samsung Q series soundbar in the morning, allowing mum to wake up to sunshine and her favourite sounds. She can also use SmartThings to alter the brightness of compatible smart lightings, allowing her to relax after a long day in a softly lit environment just the way she likes it.

By using SmartThings as the main control hub for your home’s smart devices, mum also won’t need to worry about misplaced or malfunctioning remote controls when everything she needs is right there on her phone.

Live, Work and Play Smarter

Apart from making home duties easier to handle, Samsung also provides a variety of gadgets and smart solutions for mum’s lifestyle, digital entertainment, and productivity demands. Here are three of our top picks:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: For mums who are generally in a hurry, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 accompanies Multi-Active Window and Samsung DeX capacities that can give PC-like abilities like opening and resizing various applications simultaneously and screen mirroring on an external display, giving mum additional flexibility when performing multiple tasks through her projects and messages. The portability and liberal screen sizes of the Galaxy Tab S8 series will likewise allow her better to partake in her eBooks or K-dramas during a quick rest at a comfortable bistro or while she’s headed to her next arrangement.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4: For mums who love their exercises and are seeking out approaches to hold tune in their fitness, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is the ideal accessory for keeping up together along with her energetic lifestyle. The Galaxy Watch4 now no longer only functions as a health tracker for her myriad exercises, but it can also assist in measuring frame composition, and blood oxygen levels, giving mum swift access to her important fitness data. The watch is likewise capable of examining her sleep and comes with a Sleep coaching program so mum could have a better rest at night.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G: For mums who value convenience and lean toward smaller smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is an optimal harmony between style, capacity, and constant tomfoolery. Indeed, even without unfolding the smartphone, Mum can stay aware of her timetable, flip through her Spotify playlist and look at food in a hurry with Samsung Pay on its Cover Screen. Available in Cream, Phantom Black, Green, and Lavender, as well as three additional online-select tones (Gray, White, and Pink), there are a lot of decisions to match mum’s very own style.

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