Deep down inside, each of us has a small part of us that wants to be someone. The dreamer inside us may appear in many forms to reflect the aspirations we keep hidden. Some people strive to be painters. Some people may dream of reaching towards the stars. Celest Thoi, an accomplished designer, credits her sharp-sighted intellect and passion for wedding dresses for making her life’s journey real and clear – satisfying every bride’s request for the right gown to complete their dream wedding.

Surely, designers have their own ways to keep inspired throughout the day–one thing that grounds them to their passion even when life may throw them off balance. Here’s how Celest keeps the fire burning for her passion for fashion to give every bride a picture-perfect memento. 

Positive tenacity

A creative spirit may experience a creative slump from time to time. It may appear simple to overcome, yet it may sometimes interrupt their creative flow and skew the design process. Celest, however, believes that eliminating your doubts is the key to maintaining inspiration and creativity. “Ever since I designed my own bridal gown, the joy and meaning it’s brought to my life keeps on giving’, she claims when asked about her passion and love for design. Constructive criticism, according to the self-made designer, is also important in terms of improving one’s ability. Some may find them too taxing, which is why she advises maintaining negative feedback in control and not reading too much into it. One should analyse the critiques before working on improving themselves.

She also derives heavy inspiration from her clients to inject their personality into the design.  Their life stories are placed on respective canvases as singular entities and Celest joins them to paint a picturesque series of precious moments during the wedding. “It may sound cliché,” said the designer, but she very much believes in creating wedding moments that strive to be described as the single most magical instance in her client’s life.

Find ways to work smarter

Celest relies heavily on her smartphone to manage her daily schedule, juggle client meetings, access design candidates, and handle brand operations on the fly, all at her fingertips, exactly as a modern girl boss should. Celest has even stated that she would rather lose her car keys than her phone, showing how much work she puts into her device and how much she treasures it!

Another element of her career involves her reliance on cameras. The wedding planner believes the smartphone to be her holy grail since, in addition to controlling things, it has a good camera that can replace carrying a second device. Juggling multiple tasks at once is now easier than ever because to her phone’s efficiency. Celest also talked about how her phone is more than enough for capturing photos in dense and dim lighting. A romantic setting combined with low light complements the dresses she makes to a perfect picture for a lovely soul like our designer here. Hence, the ‘Nightography’ feature built-in her phone gives her an endless array of options to explore, especially in dark places where things don’t traditionally work out.

Take a leap of faith and trust the process

A person as successful as Celest always has their own set of secrets to the trade. For now, she’s keen on sharing just two: First, our designer here took a sweet switch to #LifeWithGalaxy and she’s completely fallen in love with what the Galaxy S22 Ultra offers her. Celest was never one to gatekeep her design concepts or the tools used to make them, as she believes that collaboration is a vital component to innovation.

Celest acknowledged the Galaxy S22 Ultra for bringing a leap of convenience to the entirety of her work, according to this principle. Whereas in the past she struggled to mentally see the final edit during each shoot, Celest now likes to use Portrait Mode before each shot to swiftly pinpoint critical edit points. She even skips exporting to a PC for editing and instead edits on the spot before uploading the finished project to her social platforms and website. All in all, more time to have fun!

The other secret may surprise everyone, but it’s a feat she’s proud of. Celest said that the surreal photos in her latest lookbook were produced with nothing more than… her phone! Her phone was the sole pillar she relied on to generate all of the amazing shots in her lookbook, from pre-planning to the end. Clearly, Celest is no longer concerned about limitations when she has the ability to produce professionally worthy photos on a device she keeps close at hand!

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