• Traveloka allows travellers to stack more than one coupon code and claim up to RM1,000 income tax rebate to maximise savings

Traveloka has excellent news for anyone who missed out on all of the exciting Raya travel and holiday deals.

Aspiring travelers may save up to RM150 this month by stacking more than one coupon code before paying for their desired package holidays on the superapp’s coupon-stacking feature.

Traveloka now offers two types of coupons on its superapp – combinable coupons and non-combinable coupons – to help travellers get more value from beauty and spa, hotels, flights, food and drinks, and experience bookings.

Combinable coupons are coupons that can be stacked on top of other coupon codes to derive better value for one’s Ringgit. Non-combinable coupons, on the other hand, are base coupon codes that cannot be stacked on top of another coupon code. Before paying for their purchases on the travel superapp, travelers are encouraged to explore and seek attractive bargains in the form of coupon codes, discounts, and ongoing promotional packages, as well as stack combinable on top of non-combinable coupons together, subject to prevailing terms and conditions tied to specific products and promotions.

For example, to save RM70 on domestic hotel bookings with a minimum purchase of RM450, travellers can first stack a non-combinable coupon code TRAVELMSIA50 (RM50 off), then add on a combinable coupon code DD200 (RM20 off). Always enter the non-combinable coupon code first, since you will be unable to stack them later!

Example of coupon stacking for better value on Traveloka travel superapp

According to Angelica Chan, Country Manager, Traveloka Malaysia, the travel superapp has issued a substantial number of non-combinable coupon codes for the month of May under the Cuti Sana-Sini, GoOverseas, and Xperience tabs. TRAVELMSIA450 (RM50 OFF) for domestic hotel bookings, MYMAY30 (RM30 OFF) for domestic flight bookings, 5XBORDER (RM150 OFF) for international hotel bookings, and INTMAY50 (RM50 OFF) for international flight bookings are one of them.

The travel superapp has been registered with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture in order to add more value to Malaysians’ desire to see the country (MOTAC). This allows Malaysians to claim up to RM1,000 in income tax relief for domestic travel purchases done via Traveloka before 31 December 2022!

Chan further stated that Traveloka is concerned about travellers’ requirements as the Covid-19 scenario evolves during the endemic phase. As a result, the superapp makes it simple for travellers to reschedule or get a refund due to Covid-19.

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