• The professionally curated e-scooter safety training programme was held in 1 Utama Shopping Centre on 15 May 2022

Beam, Malaysia’s leading e-scooter operator, hosted its inaugural Beam Safety Academy in Malaysia on 15 May 2022 Sunday, at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. The event, which has taken place in a number of major cities across the world, is Beam’s flagship training programme, and it teaches attendees beginner and advanced e-scooter riding and safety skills.

With the usage of tiny mobility vehicles on the rise in recent years, the first Beam Safety Academy in Malaysia received a warm welcome from the general public. Nearly 50 individuals registered for the free course, eager to learn more about safe micro-mobility usage in Malaysia, as well as the innovative features of Beam e-scooters that make them safe, convenient, and fun.

“Safety is a priority for Beam. To Beam, safety goes beyond simply ensuring that our riders have a functioning vehicle that meets basic safety requirements. We strive to make sure that every Beam user is mindful of their riding environment, is able to operate their vehicles under control at all times, and use the city’s shared spaces according to local laws,” said Isabelle Neo, Vice President, Public Affairs at Beam Mobility. “Micro mobility vehicles have undoubtedly played a role in giving the public a reliable and convenient option for their travels. Moreover, the 12th Malaysia Plan clearly identified micro mobility as an enabler for its economy and a connector of first and last mile trips. With a significant increase in micro mobility users, this is why our Beam Safety Academy is important – to help users learn how to enjoy our vehicles safely,” she added.

The Beam Safety Academy gave step-by-step instruction on correct e-scooter usage, parking practises, safety standards, and the necessity of following local micro mobility laws. Aside from that, Beam provided free Beam credits to all attendees in exchange for their participation in the course – a graduation gift.

Many attendees of the inaugural Beam Safety Academy in Malaysia were first-time users from various age groups, many of whom acknowledged the benefits of e-scooters in making travels simpler.

“For sure, I would be more inclined to use Beam’s e-scooters a little bit more after this event, but I will need some more practice first. But that’s why an event like this Safety Academy is important,” said Adrian, a 42-year-old IT Contractor, who added that e-scooters will also help to solve his first and last mile commute to work in KL City.

Phillip, a 29-year-old Funds Accounting worker, adds that he rides Beam e-scooters in the city centre frequently to travel from his workplace to tutoring sessions and for fun. “Beam’s e-scooters are fun to ride as it doesn’t require much effort. Using Beam e-scooters also saves me money on parking fees and helps me avoid traffic jams, especially when I only need to get to a nearby place in the middle of the city,” he said.

Wong, a 50-year-old Senior Consultant who had his first e-scooter experience at the Beam Safety Academy, believes that this product has a lot of promise in Malaysia if the necessary infrastructure and consumer mindset are in place. “I think Beam’s e-scooters are very useful. I’ve seen many of these used regularly in big cities like London where people use e-scooters to continue their commute after getting off a public transportation like the tube. If we can create a safe and suitable environment for e-scooter use in Malaysia, I would definitely consider using this as my method of transport to work,” he said

A fleet of all-new beams with additional convenience and safety features: dual brakes, phone holder, and suspension for a smoother and safer ride.

Beam e-scooters with a battery that can transport riders up to 60 kilometres are now available for Malaysians over the age of 18. With safety in mind, all Beam e-scooters have a speed limit of 25km/h, even while going downhill. Furthermore, the scooters have GPS trackers built in, which cause the e-scooters to slow down and sound a loud alert if a user takes it outside of its riding jurisdiction.

The expert trainers posing for a group photo after the first-ever Beam Safety Academy in Malaysia.

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