Foldable smartphones are at the cutting edge of smartphone technology, integrating the features of a large-screen tablet with the portability of a smartphone, and are likely to draw a significant customer base. HUAWEI anticipates the foldable smartphone will grow significantly due to the rapidly increasing demand for advanced consumer electronics and high adoption in the entertainment and gaming sectors.

HUAWEI launched its next-generation foldable smartphone, the HUAWEI Xs 2, in China on April 28, 2022, in line with its commitment and innovation philosophy. The most recent model was created to address three major issues that users continue to have with this form factor: bulky designs, screen creasing at the hinge, and a lack of durability.

HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 offers groundbreaking technology with a remarkable visual sensation, as well as improved durability, which will help the firm increase its overall smartphone market leadership and place it on par with high-end smartphone leaders.

A Foldable Smartphone Breakdown

Foldable phones are also more likely to get scratches than standard phones, and their screens tend to crease after a certain amount of use. They are also noticeably bulkier. With so many mainstream phone manufacturers releasing foldable models, it’s no surprise that new technological solutions to these issues are being developed on a daily basis.

HUAWEI’s first foldable phone was designed to be a feasible alternative to bezel-less displays. The idea of the foldable Mate X, like bezel-less phones, was to deliver a larger screen in a physically smaller device. Foldable phones are now categorized as inner folding, outer folding, folding along the X-axis, and folding along the Y-axis, based on how they achieve the folding effect. The most common and commercially available folding phones are those with an outer shell. Since just one screen is needed, their stunning design matches the lighter body, leaving more room for additional components. Outer folding phones also do not require a front camera since selfies may be taken using the rear cameras.

HUAWEI Global Launch 2022

Be sure to tune in to HUAWEI Official Website and HUAWEI Official Facebook Page on 18 May 2022, Wednesday at 8PM (Malaysia Time) to hear more about the latest flagship product and its innovation!

Details of global livestream event is as below :

DateWednesday, 18th May 2022
Time8pm (Malaysia time)

HUAWEI Malaysia Premier Launch 2022

Meanwhile, HUAWEI Malaysia will have its Premier Launch on 19 May 2022, to present its latest flagship product. The launch event will focus on HUAWEI’s cutting-edge technology, features, and services, all of which will help consumers have a better product experience.

Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more exciting news from HUAWEI Malaysia!

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