VIVO officially launched its T1 series with the VIVO T1 5G and VIVO T1x smartphones, which provide mobile gamers turbo performance. The VIVO T1 5G is equipped with a 6.44″ 90Hz AMOLED Fullsense Display that gives an immersive experience. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon® 778G 5G processor and accompanied by a 4700 mAh battery with 66W FlashCharge. The smartphone also pushes the limits of current cost-effective gaming for worldwide consumers, thanks to the Vapor Chamber Cooling System, which covers a heat dissipation area of 32,923mm².

“VIVO T1 Series was specifically designed for the growing number of mobile gamers around the world who are seeking high-performance mobile phones that are cost-efficient while bringing their gaming potential to the next level. The launch of the VIVO T1 Series is a testament to VIVO’s ongoing efforts to provide consumers with industry-leading products that feature powerful performance, innovative gaming features, excellent battery life, and a turbo-charged immersive gaming experience,” said Mike Xu, Chief Executive Officer of VIVO Malaysia.

Industry-Leading Turbo Performance

Qualcomm Snapdragon® 778G 5G processor powers the VIVO T1 5G. Consumers will be blown away by its speed when it comes to completing basic operations, processing graphics, running artificial intelligence (AI), and everything in between. Its huge 4700 mAh battery enables 66W FlashCharge, which cuts charging time in half.

The VIVO T1 5G stays cool and runs well thanks to a heat dissipation area of 32,923mm², which is three times the phone’s surface area. The VC (2,097mm2) features a unique heat dissipation design that quickly conducts heat away from the smartphone.

The newly updated Multi-Turbo 5.5 uses an AI algorithm to allocate computing power and optimize the processor, memory, system, and more in order to achieve higher performance. This upgrade dramatically improves resource allocation and memory usage efficiency. The unique Extended RAM 2.0 technology also allows users to run more apps in the background (up to 25) and assures smooth switching between apps, allowing them to fully utilize the smartphone’s capability in mobile gaming.

The Snapdragon 680 processor of the VIVO T1x, on the other hand, allows for smooth operations and gaming sessions. A 5000mAh battery with 18W Fast Charge is also included, offering plenty of worry-free usage time. The VIVO T1x, which comes in 4GB+64GB and 8GB+128GB versions, also has the unique Extra RAM 2.0 technology, which allows up to 4GB of idle memory to be used as extended RAM to make switching between apps smoother and to execute them without lag. The VIVO T1x also supports up to 1TB of expansion storage, allowing users to save as many digital files as they want.

Turbo Performance Mobile Gaming Experience

The VIVO T1 5G provides fast performance for mobile gamers, allowing them to easily enjoy entertainment and graphic-intensive games. The gorgeous 6.44″ 90Hz AMOLED Fullsense Display, backed by the smartphone’s fast performance, offers ultra-fluid visuals. The VIVO T1 5G display provides gamers with a dramatic and cinematic gaming experience, with stunning colors and details, including lifelike graphics and text with razor-sharp clarity. It also features a bright local tone mapping (LTM) display with a peak brightness of 1300 nits, allowing gamers to see vibrant colors.

A turbo-charged immersive gaming experience is also available with the VIVO T1 5G. Ultra Game Mode has been added to the gaming feature to provide a more indulgent sensory experience, and users may switch modes with a single tap. With compelling vibrations, a precisely calibrated Z-axis linear motor responds quickly to gaming actions. The 4D Game Vibration immerses players in a world where each move feels authentic.

With a 0.9cc super-large sound chamber, the customized super loudspeaker can deliver even more powerful bass. The speaker diaphragm produces more detailed sound, allowing users to listen to the music at higher volumes and with better sound quality. Smart PA (power amplifier) technology intelligently adjusts how the speaker works in various situations to extend its lifespan while providing realistic, deep, and rich sound.

The VIVO T1x features a 6.58-inch FHD+ Incell display that offers vibrant colors and sharp details. When viewing movies or playing mobile games, users enjoy the smooth 90Hz refresh rate, as well as the built-in blue light filter that protects their eyes. The VIVO Multi-Turbo 5.0 takes network connectivity, system processor speed, and power-saving capabilities to greater levels. The VIVO T1x also has a four-component cooling system that keeps the device cool even during long gaming sessions.

Users will notice the turbo engine design with 3D curves on the back cover, as well as the innovative glitter AG texture with a 400nm super-strong nano-coating on the surface, that offers a smooth and comfortable grip. Two new colors will be available for the VIVO T1 5G: Turbo Black and Turbo Cyan.

The VIVO T1 5G offers an AI Triple Camera system with rich colors and contrasts for users who want to capture memorable life moments. The 64MP main camera has a wide aperture of F/1.79, which captures superb details in every situation. Users may capture every magical moment at night with more revealing images due to Super Night Mode, which is enhanced by denoising and multi-frame merging algorithms. To enable users to record expansive views, the camera system also includes an 8 MP camera and a 117° ultra-wide-angle camera.

Users will also be able to capture memorable moments with VIVO T1 5G’s 4K ultra-high-definition videos. They can even double the fun by recording with both the front and rear cameras at the same time using the Dual-View Video feature.

With its thin 8.0mm thin body and weight only of 182g, the VIVO T1x has a sleek 2.5D design that provides a comfortable and premium hold. The rear cameras are neatly organized and crafted into VIVO’s signature Dual-Tone Step, inviting users to explore the powerful imaging technologies within. Gravity Black and Space Blue are the two color options for the newest addition. Both versions employ a frosted curtain coating technique that has a great anti-fingerprint property and a silky feel.

The VIVO T1x features a 50MP main rear camera that redefines high-definition photography, as well as a Bokeh Camera and a Super Macro Camera for a better mobile imaging experience. The VIVO T1x has an 8MP Super Night Selfie camera on the front for clear photos throughout the day. Users can immerse themselves in fun photography moments with the included Personalised Portrait Mode and AI Editor.

Pricing and Availability

The VIVO T1 5G is priced at RM1,299 while the VIVO T1x 4GB+64GB and 8GB+128GB configurations are at RM699 and RM899 respectively. The VIVO T1 Series are now available for purchase at VIVO Malaysia’s official E-store, and VIVO Malaysia’s official flagship store on Shopee and Lazada.

VIVO Malaysia will hold its T1 Series First Sale from 25 April to 24 May 2022, with amazing gifts and deals for customers who purchase the devices. The VIVO T1 5G is offered for RM1,249 during the T1 Series First Sales, while the VIVO T1x 4GB+64GB and 8GB+128GB versions are available for RM649 and RM799, respectively. A 1-Year Screen Crack Protection and a 1-Year Extended Warranty will be included with all devices.

Customers who purchase the VIVO T1 5G will also get a VIVO TWS 2 ANC for RM99 (rsp RM369), whereas those who purchase the T1x 8GB+128GB variant will receive a free pair of color earphones. For purchases made on VIVO Malaysia’s official E-store and Lazada, buyers of the VIVO T1x 4GB+64GB variant will also receive free color earphones.

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