Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone users are set to dive into the future of connectivity with 5G. Following a One U1 4.1 software update, Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra users, on 5G compatible networks, will enjoy an unparalleled mobile experience while streaming video, playing games, making video calls and more.

Once fully rolled out 5G will transform how consumers live, communicate and work. They will be able to enjoy hyper fast streaming of their favourite shows or download an entire series’ worth of HD content faster than ever before. Gamers can also beat the competition with low latency, graphics-rich visuals through seamless cloud gaming.

Customers will also enjoy the added bandwidth, moving away from congestion of high-traffic networks. For content creators, this means they will be the first to upload photos and videos on a crowded network not to mention, enjoy crystal-clear video chats and calls.

To take advantage of next-generation connectivity, Samsung Galaxy S21 device users on the network will need to install the One U1 4.1 software update, with the 1 March 2022 security patch. Users will need to check with respective network provider on 5G services.

As 5G network infrastructure is still in development nationwide, customers will currently experience 4G speeds when they make a call, text or whenever they are outside the 5G footprint. Due to this, users may not get the full experience of 5G during the transition phase.

With exciting developments in the 5G network in Malaysia, Samsung is deeply invested in working with all Malaysian operator partners to deliver the best possible mobile experience for consumers.

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