Several months back, we did covered on the announcement of the new Galaxy lineup, which is the S Series of lineup for 2022, and they did unveiled their tablet S series as well, which we are so looking forward to it as at that moment, it is one of the best in terms of power and specs, even up till this moment as we got it in our hands.

Lets take a look at the Unboxing & First Impression of SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra comes in a slim white color box. Upon unboxing you will get the following as below

  • The Tablet itself
  • USB C to C charging cable
  • Pin Ejector for MicroSD Card slot
  • SPen
  • Keyboard Cover
  • User Manual

No charger is included in the box, however one can easily obtain a Qualcomm or PD compatible charger that supports 45w and above for optimal fast charging. You do get the cover, so I am happy that Samsung provided this as the whole package to start with and the provided back cover also act as a stand and protects against dusts.

Color Choices

The Tablet (specifically for Malaysia) comes in one color only, Graphite, which in my personal opinion is the safest, sleekest color that suits everyone, everywhere, at the café or office. The overall material used on the tablet is made of Armor Aluminum.

The Design, Look and Feel

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra weighs at 726 Grams, which is slightly heavier when comes to tablet category, but given the fact that this tablet screen size at 14.6 inch, this is one of the biggest sized tablet that we ever unbox and review so far. Since we mentioned the screen size, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra scroll smooth with 120Hz refresh rate and with its gorgeous Super AMOLED display on it, this ensures not just your browsing, but your movie experience with it is wide aspect ratio and colours that displayed well enjoyable everywhere. Docking with the Keyboard Cover makes it a superb conversion of the tablet to a simple laptop mode, thanks to DeX that makes your productivity even better, and yes, they keyboard does have backlight, so you can work anywhere you wanted, be it somewhere bright or in a darker environment.

Looking at the back of the tablet you will spot a magnetic placement for your S-Pen, which you can dock and charge at the same time, and don’t worry, the included cover will sit well with it also. On top of the S-Pen magnetic dock you will spot two camera modules, one at 13MP wide while another one at 6MP Ultrawide. Over the screen area you will get a small cut-out with a pair of 12MP camera, supporting Wide and Ultrawide as well, this gave a balanced picture taking and video conferencing experience, whether you choose to use the rear or the front camera.


Over to the performance side, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, with 256GB of internal storage and 12GB of RAM. Such configuration is actually close to a working laptop that you can carry around, the difference is you are on Android 12 with OneUI 4.1 that is optimized for Samsung’s line of mobility ecosystem which includes expanding the use of Google workspace and Microsoft office 365 suite which gave more accessibility work continuation with Galaxy Phones and Windows/Mac compatible OS Laptops. On top of that you will get a pleasant surround audio experience with its quad speaker setup that is tuned by Dolby Atmos.

Overall on my few days of impression with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, it is a Tablet that is suitable for those who wanted a large size tablet that doubles as a simple operational laptop when you needed the most. Especially when it comes to simple editing, authoring, browsing and posting, this tablet can do all of it. From the pricing stand point, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra may be pricy for some, but looking back again on the performance and the accessories included, this tablet is a great start for those who wanted an all in one productive companion that you can carry, slide it in your bag and you are ready to perform. I will be continuing on experiencing this tablet further on it with an in-depth review coming soon

If you are interested in getting the tablet, be sure to visit the Samsung Store. It is now selling at RM5,899 and comes with Free Book Cover Keyboard, S Pen & Pouch Bag. 

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