• Form and function work in harmony in the OPPO A96 thanks to the OPPO Glow Design and rigorous testing standards

Art and technology are frequently thought to be inseparable, yet the two collide in the creation of a phone. OPPO Glow Design is used on the OPPO A96 for a dynamic finish inspired by the captivating swirling patterns of the cosmos. As the phone is turned, it twinkles and glints, evoking the patina of supernova stars millions of light-years away.

The color-shifting exterior of the OPPO A96 is complemented with great everyday IPX4 water and IP5X dust resistance, as well as superb general toughness. It is a phone with an eye-catching design, but it also has a long-lasting quality that has been rigorously tested.

OPPO Glow Design

The OPPO A96 features the OPPO Glow Design. When it catches the light, it creates a bright and eye-catching finish that glints like a million shimmering stars, like a sparkling vision of the cosmos.

Choose the Starry Black OPPO A96 for a touch of intergalactic charm. With a twist of your wrist, it transforms from a low-key minimalist look to a dazzling show-stopper. The Pearl Pink has an entirely new visual personality. It’s a light pastel shade that, when brought to life by the OPPO Glow Design, portrays the motion of cherry blossom leaves in the wind.

The OPPO Glow Design is the result of a complex and dedicated manufacturing process that begins with a diamond-cut glass mold. This holds the hundreds and thousands of crystalline structures that give the OPPO A96 its unique dynamic spark. Take a magnifier to the phone and you might be able to see a pattern of triangles and pyramids, like a tiny shining world in the palm of your hand.

Months were spent developing hundreds of prototype molds, with just the best chosen. The visual effect is enhanced if it is too thick, although it may be difficult to hold. A thin crystal is cleaner, but it lacks the signature OPPO Glow Design look. Balance is the key.

The final glass masterwork was then used to create a plastic mold for the OPPO A96’s mass production. The molds are placed in a 99.9% vacuum before being injected with a liquid coating that forms the phone’s back. For the smoothest finish and a perfectly flat surface, a unique vacuum pressing machine presses a pattern film on the back cover to create the pattern and avoid bubbles and imperfections forming in the outermost layer of the cover. It’s what gives the phone its attractive metallic look and color gradients.

Because appearance is only one part of the puzzle, temperature control is required throughout the curing and coating process to optimize toughness and scratch resistance. The process took OPPO six months to perfect.

OPPO Enduring Quality

More than 130 ultra-rigorous reliability tests have been performed on the OPPO A96, including ultra-low and high temperatures, shock tests, drops, radiation, and wireless interference. It has also been tested for 14 days of use in a high temperature of 65 degrees centigrade, a 95% humidity environment.

The OPPO A96’s headphone socket is also tested 10,000 times for insertion and removal, and the USB charging port is tested 20,000 times.

To ensure longevity, volume buttons are pressed 150,000 times, and the power button is 500,000 times. That’s about the same as pressing the power button 100 times a day for nearly 14 years.

This commitment to a long-term user experience is apparent throughout the phone. Each OPPO A96 is water and dust-resistant, so you can feel safe holding it in your hand. After all, a little rain shouldn’t stop you.

Such toughness requires the use of carefully designed internal seals, which were thoroughly tested before the first OPPO A96 was packed and sent off the assembly line.

You can feel certain that whether you plan on taking an adventure vacation to Thailand during the monsoon season or shooting the Grand Canyon, this is a phone you can count on. The technology in your pocket should assist you in recording all of life’s memorable events, not hinder you.

With stunning OPPO Glow Design, the OPPO A96 can keep up with your busy life while improving your style. OPPO’s Dual Speakers, a 90Hz Color-Rich Punch-Hole Display with Adaptive Refresh Rate Technology, and the feature-packed ColorOS 11.1 software are only the start of its amazing features.

The OPPO A96 is offered at the recommended retail price of RM1,299. For more information about OPPO A96, please visit https://www.oppo.com/my/smartphones/series-a/a96/.

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